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Pubic hair – Shave it or not?

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Pubic hair is one of the signs of puberty. Along with the axillary hair, changes in breasts as you move towards puberty pubic hair started growing. 

What is the role of pubic hair??

  1. The skin around the pubic region is delicate, sensitive. Pubic hair protects the skin from any injury. 
  1. As eyelashes protect eyes, the same way these hair protect the labia and vagina from the entry of dirt or any microorganism. 
  1. Sebum oil is produced by hair follicles, which prevent bacterial growth. 
  1. Also, it may prevent you from sexually transmitted diseases, urinary tract infection vaginitis as well as cellulitis.
  1. They play the role of dry lubricant during sexual intercourse. 

Is it safe to remove pubic hair?

Everyone has pubic hair. And it’s your individual choice to remove it or keep it. 

But keep your pubic area clean if you want to go with it, as scalp hair gets sweat, this hair gets sweat and being close for the whole day can give bad odour or may lead to fungal infection or hair lice. In females, during menses, an unhygienic condition can lead to infection

How to shave your pubic hair safely

  • Use a razor or trimmer to shave hairs. Don’t use hair removal cream, it can give irritation to your skin. Or if it goes into the vagina it can lead to infection. 
  • Always wash your hand and skin before trimming or shaving, it will help you from the transmission of infection. 
  • Use soap or shaving gel before shaving to prevent friction and injury to the skin. 
  • Change blades regularly. Disinfect instrument before and after using. 
  • Use a mirror to look at what you are doing. It will help you to prevent injury. 
  • Do shave at the direction of hair growth to prevent skin irritation. 
  • Use moisturizer or aftershave lotion to prevent irritation or smoothening of the skin. 
  • Don’t use tight undergarments for a few days to prevent irritation.
  • Use a scrub or gentle loofah to remove dead skin. 

How to take care of your pubic area if you decide to go natural 

  • Clean your area with soap and warm water daily while taking shower. 
  • Don’t use scented products to clean your area, as chemicals in them can imbalance your PH. 
  • Wipe from front to back after using the toilet to prevent infection. 
  • Keep your pubic area dry with help of tissue after cleaning. 


To shave or how natural with your pubic hair is completely your call. 

Just keep it clean to prevent infection in both the cases. 

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