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  7 Things That Can Affect Your Periods

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Regular periods show how healthy your body is. More than 50% of women are suffering from irregular menstrual cycles. 

Most of the time we just connect irregular periods with PCOS, but that’s not the reason. Sometimes it can be your daily habits that are affecting your periods. 

Things that impact your periods

  1. Stress – Stress is the most common factor for irregular periods. In our current busy schedules, we feel stressed. It can be mental or physical as well. It may be work stress, or losing someone near, or breaking up with a loved one. 

But when you are under stress your body stops or lowers the secretion of Luteinizing hormones, which are useful for ovulation. That can result in delayed menses.

  1. Irregular sleep – Staying up late or not getting proper sleep may cause changes in the level of the hormones, which may lead to irregular periods. 
  1. Food – Food plays an important role in your regular periods. Less eating, as well as excessive eating, can affect it. 

If you are looking pale, feeling tired often, it may be you have iron deficiency. Iron helps in the formation of blood.  But if you have an iron deficiency which may cause lower hemoglobin and eventually reduced blood flow during the menstrual cycle

Do you drink a glass of milk daily? Now you will think, what’s this rubbish question, Mansi? We are not kids!! 

I know we are not kids anymore, that’s why I’m asking you. During childhood, we always drank the milk of course after being forced by our mother. And now we are also forcing our children to drink it daily. Of course, they have to drink it, but we do too. 

Calcium helps your bone growth and bone maintenance as well as it prevents menstrual cramps and keeps your hormones sane. 

  1. Thyroid – Thyroid is the most common cause of irregular periods. Due to changes in your hormonal level thyroid levels can go up and down, hence your periods too. 

So, if you have irregular menses do consult your gynecologist and have yourself investigated for thyroid level and other hormones too. 

  1. Medicines – Some medicines like steroids, antibiotics, and psychiatric medicine also affect your menstrual cycle. 
  1. Work schedule – Inconsistent work schedules, like shift duties or long work hours may hamper not only your mood but also your cycle.
  1. Lifestyle – Current most important cause of irregular periods is our lifestyle. 

Frequent consumption of junk food, excessive sugar, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, and smoking affect your menstrual cycle. 


  • Menstruation is an important part of a woman’s health, we have to observe the changes in our body thoroughly. Keep an eye on your menstrual cycle and things that are affecting it. 
  • Avoid junk food. Eat healthy food. Include green leafy vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, milk, and milk products in your diet. Remember to drink at least one glass of milk daily to fulfill calcium requirements. 
  • Avoid unnecessary supplements, instead include natural stuff in your diet.
  • Keep yourself active. Do exercise and walk daily. But avoid excessive exercise. 
  • Eight hours of sleep is necessary daily, but add one hour extra during your periods. As your body is working extra during that time due to shedding of the uterus lining. 
  • Drink enough water. 6-8 glasses of water is a must during your menses as the body is losing blood and to accomplish that loss, water is necessary. Or else you feel dizzy, tired, or dehydrated. 
  • Consult your gynecologist if you are not getting periods regularly for more than 3 months. 

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