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Why Are You Getting White Discharge?

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White discharge or leucorrhea is a common health condition in females during their reproductive age. 

Glands in the vagina and cervix secrete some fluid, which flows through the vagina with old cells. It is a thick white vaginal discharge. In some women, it may be yellowish or greenish in color which needs special attention.


  • The main cause of the white discharge is a hormonal disturbance. Due to increased levels of estrogen, you may suffer from Leucorrhea.
  • During pregnancy or after childbirth you can experience it but that will associate with a foul smell. 
  • Along with this unhygienic habits and lower iron levels or anemia can cause this.
  • Sometimes indigestion and constipation can cause Leucorrhea. 

Symptoms – 

  • The increased amount of white discharge can cause weakness and lethargy.
  • You may experience pain in your lower back and legs. 
  • Some women may experience headaches too. 

Types of white discharge 

  1. Physiological – Physiological Leukorrhea is normal and caused by the defense mechanism of the body. It helps to keep the vagina healthy. 
  1. Inflammatory – Inflammatory Leucorrhea occurs due to infection to the vagina. It may be symptomized with yellowish discharge and foul smell. 

Types of infection – 

  1. Yeast infection – Mild yeast fungus is present in the normal vagina. But if it exceeds it can cause yeast infection.

            You can get a yeast infection if you have taken antibiotics, you are suffering if from diabetes, or if you are pregnant.

  1. Trichoniasis – Trichoniasis is caused by Trichomas vaginalis. This infection doesn’t show any symptoms for a long time. Trichoniasis is caused by having unprotected sex or with infection of partner. 
  1. Bacterial vaginosis – Bacterial vaginosis is caused by Gardnerella vaginalis. The reason behind this infection is not clear but it is not caused by a sex partner.


If you noticed any of the symptoms. Please consult your gynecologist for further investigation and treatment. 

Tips to avoid white discharge 

  • Practice good hygiene habits. Give extra attention during the menstrual cycle
  • Include curd in your daily diet.
  • Include fenugreek seeds in your diet. You may consume it in the form of ladoo or soak it overnight and drink that water empty stomach in the morning. This will help you in maintaining sugar levels too. 
  • Wear cotton underpants. 
  • Avoid wearing swimming suits, tight pants for a long time.
  • Keep your genitals dry.
  • Avoid douche.
  • Don’t use hygiene sprays, deodorant pads, and perfumed toilet paper.

It’s important to take care of your health. Observe any unusual changes in your body and if you noticed any of them try to consult your physician. 

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