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Is Ice Craving Good Or Bad?

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Cold drinks, cold juices, and ice cream are everyone’s favourites. But have you craved ice? 

What is an ice craving?

Ice craving is also known as Paghophqgia. Where you have a strong desire to eat ice and you can’t stop yourself from consuming it. 

Why do you crave ice?

Ice craving is one of the forms of Pica syndrome (you desire to eat a non-nutrient substance).

There is an underlying medical or psychological condition when you crave non-nutrient substances. 

Ice craving is mostly associated with iron deficiency. But some people go for it due to the cold and soothing feeling and texture of the ice. 

Ice craving good or bad?

Actually, there is nothing good or bad about craving. It doesn’t lead to any hazardous effects on your body. 

But excessive consumption of ice can cause teeth and gum sensitivity, tooth pain, enamel wear and in extensive cases it may cause a dental fracture. 

How to control ice cravings?

  • Rule out the cause – Consult a physician to know the exact cause behind it. Your physician may advise a blood investigation to rule out iron deficiency. 
  • Improve dietary habits – Try to include a healthy and nutritious diet. Include more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet to fulfil the nutrient requirements of your body. 
  • Find Out alternative – Instead of the ice find something that can give you the same or nearby soothing effect. Like cold juice or ice creams. 
  • Look for triggers – Sometimes this craving is associated with some kind of stress, fear or anxiety. Keep an eye on your trigger points and try to control them. 
  • Expert opinion – If your craving is beyond your control for a long time it’s a must to consult a physician or therapist to rule out the cause and control it. 


There is nothing good or bad in ice craving till you have control over it. But once it is out of your control, please consult the health professionals. 

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