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Men’s Health Week 2023

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Why should girls have all the priority? No, no I am not gender biassed. As per women’s health men’s health is important too! Hence the 2nd week of June is celebrated as “Men’s health week” every year. 

How did it start?

In 1990 the first proposal for Men’s health week was brought up by several health organisations in the United State Of America. And then 1st Men’s health week started in 1994 in the United State Of America.

Over the years it’s been accepted worldwide and celebrated before Father’s Day. 

What exactly is Men’s health week?

During this week all the concerns regarding health of men’s bring the spotlight. Different health issues and diseases are brought to the notice and worked together by government health bodies, private health sectors and NGOs.

To spread awareness and remind Men’s health is equally important this week is celebrated. This week encourages men to opt for a healthy lifestyle, not to be ignorant of their health issues and seek medical advice whenever required. 

Along with physical health, mental health is important. But that is almost neglected. During this week there is more emphasis on men’s mental health too. 

When are we celebrating this week in 2023?

The current Week 12th June to 18th June is going to celebrate Men’s health week. 

How can we participate in Men’s Health Week? 

  • Schedule a health check-up for yourself and fellow men in your community. 
  • Encourage your father, brother, son and male friend to do health check-ups once a year. And this week is the best to do it. 
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle and it’s important.
  • Bring awareness about the importance of physical activity and ask them to enrol in the gym or yoga. 
  • Be a part of various organisations. 
  • Spread awareness about this week through your social media platforms. 


To become the healthiest city, country and world both men’s and women’s health is equally important. Men’s health week is the best example of it. 

Take care of the men around you by taking one step towards awareness about it. 

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