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 Do Not Ignore Your Mental Health Post Delivery

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“Motherhood!” A word says it all. Pregnancy, delivery and taking care of the baby are phenomenal experiences in a woman’s life. 

These few months bring major changes in women’s mental and physical health. 

How delivery can affect the mental health of women?

Physical changes – There is a large amount of weight gain, increase in breast size, bloated abdomen, stretch marks, acne, hair loss and many more changes women face after childbirth. 

In some women, it’s difficult for them to accept sudden changes in their physical appearance and for new mommies it’s much more difficult.

Postpartum Depression – Almost 7 to 20% of women experience postpartum depression or PPD within 6 weeks of pregnancy. Sudden fluctuation in hormonal levels, emotional changes and sleep deprivation cause PPD. This can lead to mood changes, anxiety and exhaustion.  

Postpartum Anxiety – How to handle a newborn baby, along with pain and body changes creates a dilemma, stress, panic attacks and anxiety in some women. This is found more in the first delivery and women with Caesarean section. 

Post-traumatic stress disorder – Complicated deliveries or emergency surgery can cause fear in some women and may lead to post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.

Lifestyle changes difficulties – Changes in the daily routine, sleepless nights, and no fixed schedule can cause stress in some women and may cause irritating behaviour and anger.

Relationship struggle – The arrival of a new family member brings changes in the relationship with partners and other family members. Also increases responsibility. A constant fear of “Am I capable of being a good mother,” and  “Am I capable of taking care of my baby” brings nervousness in most women.

How to take care of your mental health after delivery?

Self-compassion – Accept your motherhood. Accept that this phase is temporary. Once you adjust to this everything is going to be fine. Enjoy this phase, your baby’s every movement, that small limbs and smile on the face. 

Take rest whenever possible – It’s important to take a rest post delivery. However, it’s a bit difficult as your schedule is completely disturbed. 

Try to adjust your schedule with your baby. Sleep whenever your baby sleeps. Take a rest in the morning if your baby is not sleeping at night.

Seek help – It’s difficult to manage all your activities with a baby alone. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from your partner, family members and trusted friends. 

Seek mental support – Talk with your partner, friends, parents, family members or healthcare providers about your feelings and concerns. Clear your all doubts. Talk freely about your mental exhaustion too. 

Nutrition – During labour, you must have gone through tremendous blood loss. This may cause fatigue and anaemia. Sleepless nights can make you feel more exhausted. 

It’s important to take a healthy, nutritious diet. Include more fruits, vegetables and dry fruits in your diet. Keep yourself hydrated. And don’t forget to take multivitamins prescribed by your gynaecologist. 

Connection with your baby – Spend more time with your baby. The more you connect with your baby the more you feel satisfied. Touch of your baby helps you to control your emotions and keeps you mentally healthy. 

Manage stress – Sudden changes in your lifestyle and your physical health can make you feel overwhelmed. 

Try to find out time for yourself whenever possible. Do meditation, or yoga or go for a walk with your baby. Read a book or journal. Do whatever that makes you feel relaxed. 

Professional help – If you feel things are not in your control. If you feel more mentally unstable take guidance from a therapist. 


  • Post-delivery mental and physical exhaustion is a temporary phase. Try to accept it. 
  • Don’t compare yourself with others. 
  • Trust yourself. 
  • Enjoy this phase. Celebrate every moment and create memories. 

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