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World Eye Donation Day

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The best gift you can give anyone is to be the reason for their happiness, to show them this beautiful world, to be the reason for their reading and to experience the real world with an open eye.  

June 10th is celebrated as “World Eye Donation Day” every year. This day is celebrated in remembrance of the famous ophthalmologist Dr A R Bhalchandra.

The importance of this day

This day is celebrated to bring awareness about eye health and to encourage people for an eye donation after their life. 

Corneal diseases like cataracts and glaucoma cause blurred vision and complete loss of vision in some cases.  By donating eyes you can give someone sight through a corneal transplant. 

How is this day celebrated?

On this day different organisations, eye hospitals and NGOs arrange campaigns, eye check-up camps and role plays to spread awareness.

Blindness can affect a person individually, socially and economically. To bring a ray of hope into blind people’s life spread awareness and register yourself as an eye donor.

Who can donate eyes?

  • Poor vision can’t hold you from donating. 
  • No matter your age, sex, religion and blood group when it comes to eye donation. 
  • If you are wearing glasses or lenses, have undergone eye surgery or have diabetes, hypertension, asthma or Tuberculosis then too you can register yourself as a donor.
  • Only people with Hepatitis, AIDS, tetanus and rabies can’t be a donor.

How to register as an eye donor?

  • If you decide to donate your eye, fill out the pledge form and send it to the nearest eye bank. Or you can fill it out online. 
  • After registration, you will receive a donor card.
  • Inform your family member about your registration. 

Steps need to remember by family members

If your family member registers as an eye donor you need to take following steps after the death of that member 

  • Call on 1919 within 6 hours of the death of the donor.
  • Closed the eyelids of the deceased person.
  • Place the wet cotton swabs on the eyes.
  • Switched off the fan and switched on the air conditioner and cooler.
  • Raised the head of the deceased person with the help of the pillow.


Our one step can give life to the needy person. Contact your nearby eye bank or ophthalmologist to register yourself as an eye donor.

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