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World Environment Day 2023

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June 5th is celebrated as World Environment Day every year. It was established by the United state in 1972 and celebrated since 1974.

Why are we celebrating World Environment Day?

Mother nature is a gift to us. We received multiple things from Earth, the environment daily. This day is a reminder for us to give back to our nature. To complete our responsibility towards nature. 

It helps us to create awareness, and to work together for protecting the environment.

The theme of World Environment Day 2023

“Preventing plastic pollution” is a theme for this year. 

More than 400 million tonnes of plastic are generated every year and only 10% of it is recycled. Microplastic gets adjusted with food, air and water. According to a survey around 50000 plastic is consumed by each person on the planet every year.  

How plastic is harmful?

Plastic is harmful to humans and the environment too. Most plastic has harmful chemicals like bisphenol, phthalates and styrene. These chemicals are extracted from plastic products and contaminate food, water and soil. Consuming these chemicals can lead to hormonal imbalance, reproductive dysfunction and cancer

Improper disposal of plastic can cause plastic pollution. Most of the plastic finds its way to water bodies and is dangerous to marine health. Animals can be confused between food and plastic. And they may consume plastics. This can cause choking or other gastric issues to them.

What is microplastic?

Microplastic is shredded down to extremely small parts. They are non-biodegradable. And can be easily contaminated water, air and food too. Which is dangerous to our health. 

How can we contribute to reducing plastic pollution?

  • Changes always start from our home. Avoid plastic bags. Instead, use cloth bags.
  • Use your own container to buy groceries or liquid stuff like milk, curd etc.
  • Instead of plastic bottles or containers check other options.
  •  Avoid plastic straws instead use your own stainless steel straw. 
  • Choose an eco-friendly personal care product which comes in recycled packaging.
  • Create awareness about plastic pollution. 


It’s our duty to take care of our environment not only for one day but for all our life. Take steps to protect our environment. 

  • Avoid plastic use.
  • Plant trees.
  • Avoid pollution.
  • Keep your surroundings safe and clean.

What steps are you going to take to protect our environment?

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