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7 Ways To Keep Your Heart Healthy

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The heart is a vital organ of our body. It works continuously to maintain blood circulation. A healthy heart gives you healthy life, so we must take care of it.

Here are some tips for maintaining your heart health

  1. Get active – Our current sedentary lifestyle brings trouble for us. Most of our work is taken care of by machines. 

To bring some lifestyle changes, take stairs instead of the elevator, do some home chores, and take a stroll every few hours while working in the office.

Thirty minutes of exercise daily will bring more changes in your health. Do the movement of your choice. For example, you can walk, weight train, swim, do yoga, or dance.

  1. Keep an eye on your weightExcessive weight makes you prone to high blood pressure and heart disease. 

Eat healthy food, avoid extra calories in your diet and exercise daily. 

  1. Eat healthy food – Healthy heart requires wholesome food. So instead of junk food, include fruits, vegetables, nuts, dry fruits, legumes and fatty fish in your daily diet. 
  1. Get enough sleep – When you sleep, the pressure on your heart decreases and starts pumping slowly. 

Less sleep can affect your blood pressure. However, excessive sleep also affects your heart. So, 6-8 hours of sleep is mandatory to maintain your heart health. 

  1. Manage stressStress is a primary reason for increased heart problems. It may be work-related, financial, or any kind of stress that can put you in danger.                        

Start practising meditation and mindfulness. Take out a few minutes for yourself from your daily routine and enjoy your “me time.”

Remember, a happy mind gives you a happy life.

  1. Quit smoking – Smoking damages your blood vessels and heart. Active and passive smoking are both dangerous. 

To live healthy live smoke-free.

  1. Good dental hygiene – Most of the time, we neglect our dental hygiene. But, do you know along with dental caries, poor dental hygiene affects your heart too? 

Yes, it is. Poor dental hygiene carries bacteria to the bloodstream and the heart valve, creating high chances of damaging heart function. 

So, maintain good dental hygiene. Brush your teeth twice daily.


See, seven easy steps can keep your heart healthy. Practice them in your daily routine, and you may live disease-free. 

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