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 How To Take Care Of Your Health During Navratri Fast

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a beautiful idol of maa durga at a temple in mumbai india during navratri

Navratri! A festival of strength, power and elegance. 

The auspicious festival of Navratri will begin tomorrow. Soothing chant, Garba music and colourful vibe everywhere. These nine days, we worship different avatars (forms) of Durga. 

Most people fast during Navratri. Celebration, dance and fasts all together can make you feel exhausted. 

If you are fasting, you must concentrate on your health to enjoy the celebration.

Here are some tips for your Navratri fasts

  • Stay hydrated – Hydration is always essential for a healthy life. And during your fast, it is most important to keep hydrated to stay energised. 

Along with water, you can have juice and milk in your diet. To balance nutrient levels.

  • Eat small portions at regular intervals – Fast means not complete starvation or binge eating. 

Both can cause bloating, acidity, headache and migraine. Eat a small amount of food at regular intervals.

  • Include Sattvic food – Sattvic food is healthy and more manageable to digest. As per Ayurveda, Sattvic food increases calmness, happiness, mental stabilisation and energy. 

Sattvic food is nothing but fruits, fruit juices, dry fruits, milk and milk products. 

  • Plan your meal – Navratri is a nine days festival. Sudden changes in your dietary habits can cause fatigue and gastric issues. 

So, instead of munching anything, plan your diet properly. Which will help you to stay healthy and active.

Avoid fried and packaged food.

  • Avoid stress – Celebration, dance, managing worship and preparing fasting meals can be more stressful. 

Plan your day and try to avoid stress to keep yourself mentally healthy and maintain a positive festive vibe.

  • Enough sleep – Sleep is an essential aspect of a fast. During the fast, you are low in energy. To restore that energy, you need to take eight hours of sleep daily.


Navratri brings happiness and positivity. To live with this positive vibe, it is necessary to keep yourself healthy. 

Celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm and take care of your health.

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