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 How To Control Bad Habits

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Daily we come across millions of bad habits without knowing whether they are nasty or not. For example, you are biting your nails, tapping your feet, cracking fingers and many more.

These bad habits are impacting your health – mental and physical. Unfortunately, we are not going to achieve anything from it. They are a waste of time.

How are these habits formed?

Most bad habits are formed from boredom or stress.

You may have noticed that you start biting your nails or tapping your feet when you are under stress. And then it becomes your habit.

Due to boredom, you started scrolling your Instagram, and now it’s become your habit. 

How to manage these bad habits?

Suppose you decided to eliminate these habits from today; it won’t happen overnight. First, you have to be patient. 

  • Rule out the cause – Try to find out the reason behind it. Like when you are biting the nails? While talking with a crowd of people, while writing your examination paper, or maybe preparing for an interview. 
  • Replacement – I will not tap my feet from tomorrow, no matter how stressed I am. By thinking or doing this, you can’t stop it. 

You may be more conscious and focus more on that. The important thing is to replace this habit with good practice.

  • Terminate the trigger point – If you are habitual to eating ice (which is not suitable for your health), don’t make it in your fridge. How will you eat it if it’s not there in the house?

Similarly, if eating chips for the evening snacks is your go-to routine, don’t buy them while grocery shopping. Instead, replace them with dry fruits, fruits or protein bars.

  • Share or write it down – Share your feelings with your close friend or family member. Or pen down the thoughts that come to your mind. It helps to channelise your thinking. 
  • Keep accountability – Human tendency is when you keep yourself accountable for a particular thing, there are high chances of succeeding. 

You may choose your accountability partner or start marking the days when you are away from this habit on the calendar.

  • Manifest the things – Your mind is more robust than you think. So manifest yourself by staying away from these habits. Visualise how you would be in the future without these. Always change your negative thoughts with positive ones.


Habits are part of life, which we have created for ourselves. You can do whatever you choose for yourself, and your mindset needs to be strong. 

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