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Food Wasting Is Major Problem In India

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Indian has an abundance mindset about food which is good, but when it comes to food-wasting, I think we have to change it to Scarcity. 

We are grateful to have different types of food on our plates daily. But what about the people who are struggling to get their two times food?

Do you know that every year 67 million tonnes of food are wasted in India? 

40% of the food we produce is wasted, with 21 million tons of wheat wasted yearly.

In India, weddings and parties contribute more, and hotels and restaurants contribute most of their shares.

Is food wastage a real problem?

Yes, as we are not only wasting the food, we also destroy the other contributors to growing the food. 

Around 25% of fresh water is used to produce food. And when food gets wasted, this water gets in the trash. Most of you know that some rural areas in India do not have access to drinking water now either.

300 million barrels of oil get wasted when this food gets wasted.

Not only this, land, transportation, cold storage, electricity, and the efforts of farmers, labor everything hampers when food gets trashed. 

India produces enough food which can provide two times meals to every Indian. But food wastage is the dominant reason behind malnourishment. 20 crores of Indians sleep by suppressing their hunger. 

What can we do to reduce food wastage?

I know most of us are kind enough. When we see the children asking for food roadside, we offer them food.

But that is not enough. 

  • Buy in quantity only you required. Excessive buying goes to the trash after a few days when it’s not used.
  • Check the expiry date on the food package before buying. Most of the time, we forget to check that, and nearer expiry, items go to the dustbin again.
  • Select the food according to its shelf life. For example, don’t purchase more fruits and vegetables than you require.
  • While cooking at home, remember to prepare food in the required quantity. 
  • Keep leftover food in the refrigerator and use it the very next day. (Don’t keep leftover food in the fridge for a longer time)
  • Make a habit of finishing your plate and educate your children about the same.
  • While hosting a function, give more trace on not wasting food. And transport the leftover food to the orphanage or old age shelter.

Things to remember

We are celebrating 75 years of independence. Can’t we do this for our country, our people? Being responsible citizens, our one step can help to get food for needy people. 

Let’s celebrate this Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav with this good wish of “NOT WASTING FOOD.”

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