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7 Best Food To Eat During Monsoon

shallow focus photography of yellow lime with green leaves

When the monsoon begins, we crave Garma Garam pakoda and spicy, fried and crispy food, isn’t it?

But this fatty food can make you bloated, and acidity during the monsoon digestive process slows down. 

Then what to eat during the monsoon?

  1. Lemon – Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps fight infection and boosts immunity. 

This helps you to keep away from viral infections like the flu. So, don’t forget to include lemon in your diet.

lemons in bag on wooden surface
  1. Garlic – Garlic has lots of health benefits. It helps to increase T cells, which help to build immunity. And protect from viral infections.
garlic bulbs on brown surface
  1. Ginger – Ginger tea is always in demand during monsoon and winter. It has antibiotics, antiinflammatory and antimicrobial properties, and a rich antioxidant. 

So, it is the best remedy for coughs, colds and sore throat for ages. 

ginger powder in silver canister
  1. Curd – Most Indian houses avoid curd during monsoon due to its sore taste, which they assume can cause cough.

But curd has good bacteria that help maintain your gut health and prevent gastric infection during monsoon.

dessert jars
  1. Turmeric – Turmeric is an essential spice in every Indian kitchen. From including it in food to applying it to wounds, it has a primary place in Indian houses.

It has antibacterial, antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antiinflammatory properties, which fight every infection. 

close up shot of turmeric powder
  1. Dry fruits – Dry fruits and nuts are always healthy options to switch over junk food. They are power-packed with vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant and helps to boost immunity. 

photo of assorted fruits on wooden tray
Dry fruits
  1. Bitter gourd – Bitter gourd is a very unpopular vegetable due to its taste. 

But it is rich in vitamin C and has antiviral properties. So, this is a must-have vegetable in the monsoon.

close up photo of bitter gourd
Bitter Gourd


  • Most of the above foodstuffs are available in every home. TRy to include them in your daily diet.
  • Wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly before using them.
  • Avoid raw or half-cooked food.
  • Avoid junk or outside food.
  • Drink enough water in the monsoon too.

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