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Are You Monsoon Ready?

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Monsoon!! Season of happiness, playfulness and enjoyment! Drenching in the monsoon is love! It gives sheer delight!

But do you know this humid climate is helpful for the growth of different bacteria and viruses? The humid climate is one of the reasons behind increased flu cases during the rainy season.

Let’s talk about how to keep ourselves healthy while enjoying every drop of the rain.

Tips for healthy monsoon

  • Avoid street food – Vegetables used for street food preparation are exposed to humidity in the rainy season. Also, flies can contaminate open food and give rise to different gastric issues. So, try to avoid street food during this season.
  • Include Vitamin C – Humid climate helps grow bacteria and increases cases of fever, cough and cold. 

Vitamin C is an immunity booster. In addition, increasing your intake of amla, lemon, and citric food helps keep infection at bay.

  • Avoid getting drenched in the rain – I know most of you like a drenching. But avoid it frequently. 

If you did, shower as early as possible and wear dry, clean clothes to avoid infection.

  • Wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly – Due to the excessive moisture, germs live on the skin of vegetables and fruits. Wash fruits and vegetables when you bring them home. 

Prefers clean, cooked vegetables. Avoid raw fruit salad from vendors.

  • Drink ample amounts of water – We tend to drink less water during monsoon. But the body needs to be hydrated for it to function well.

Ensure that you will drink clean water, as there are more chances of water contamination during this season.

  • Hand washing is a must – In the past 2 years, we have all understood the importance of hand washing.

But we have to make this habitual. Our hands reach everywhere first than our body and carry lots of germs. So frequent hand washing saves us from many infections.

  • Don’t forget your feet – Your feet carry your weight day and night. So how can one ignore them?

Due to walking in the rain, feet become wet and remain moist for a long time. And may give rise to fungal infection in between toes. So wash your feet every time you come back home. 

It’s impossible to keep your footwear dry in the monsoon. And wet footwear is the most common reason for fungal infection in the toes. So clean your shoes properly and dry them before your subsequent use. Don’t allow mud to lie on the footwear; it may give rise to fungal growth.

  • Stay away from mosquitoes – Open water storage and stagnant water are home to mosquitoes. And these mosquitoes bite you and may cause malaria or typhoid. 

To stay away from these diseases, clean your water cooler on time. Also, don’t keep water sources open. Instead, apply mosquito repellent and mosquito nets.

  • Dry your clothes completely – Due to the moisture in the air during monsoon; clothes take time to dry completely. Avoid damp garments, which may help grow pathogens in them. 

Iron the clothes if they were not dried completely.


Monsoon is a lovely season, but don’t let this season ruin your health. Instead, enjoy the season with precautionary measures!

Happy monsoon!

Are you a monsoon lover like me?

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