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5 Ways To Maintain High Blood pressure

a healthcare worker measuring a patient s blood pressure using a sphygmomanometer

High blood pressure is common nowadays. One in five young Indian adults, around 80 million Indians, suffers from hypertension.

What is Hypertension?

Every time your heart beats, it pumps blood to the arteries. The force put up by the blood on arteries is called blood pressure.

Normal blood pressure is 120/80. Additional or less ten digits to it are entirely normal. When it goes above 140/90 is called high blood pressure.

When blood applies force on arteries is the systolic pressure and when in between two beats heart becomes relaxed is the diastolic pressure.

Who is more prone to getting hypertension?

Anybody can develop hypertension, but there are some risk factors.

Family history – Hypertension runs in the family. If your family has a strong history, you are prone to get it.

Obesity – Obese or overweight people are more likely to get hypertension.

Lifestyle – Poor lifestyle habits like smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, and poor dietary habits make you more prone to hypertension.

Fewer physical activities– Machines have taken care of most of our work. And reduced our physical movements. This is one of the common reasons.

Measures to prevent hypertension

Exercise – Regular exercise helps to reduce weight and maintain your blood pressure. Thirty minutes of brisk walk or 60 minutes of exercise helps keep you healthy.

Healthy diet – Avoid junk food, and including more leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet is necessary. 

Also, reduce sodium (salt) intake in your daily diet.

Reduce stress – Any physical or mental stress increases blood pressure. So, avoid stress. 

Do meditation regularly—practice mindfulness.

Smoking – Smoking increases pressure on the heart. And may lead to cardiac diseases. Quit smoking. If required, take help from a therapist or your physician.

Alcohol – Limit your alcohol intake. Excessive alcohol increases blood pressure and adds some extra kilograms to your body.


  • Don’t avoid symptoms like frequent headaches or giddiness. They are alarming signs of hypertension.
  • Avoid salty food like pickles, papad, and food with preservatives.
  • Exercise regularly. 
  • Maintain your weight.
  • Don’t overexert.
  • 6-8 hours of sleep is a must.
  • If you are hypertensive, take medicine properly. Consult your physician regularly to maintain antihypertensive doses.

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  1. Many people with heart failure also have diabetes or high blood pressure. But new research suggests those conditions, even when treated, aren’t well controlled, placing people at risk for worsening heart problems, according to the American Heart Association (AHA).

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