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7 Ways To Protect Yourself From Scorching Summer Sun

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The month of April has just started, but summer has already shown its more brutal face. 

The only thing I like about summer is it brings along seasonal fruits like watermelon and mangoes!! But the heat is no way!

Tips to save yourself from excessive heat

  1. Stay hydrated – Excessive sweating is the leading cause of dehydration in summer. Drink enough water to balance water loss from your body. 

Avoid cold drinks loaded with sugar and carbohydrates and include fresh juices to maintain mineral levels. 

Also, consume fruits that contain more water and green leafy vegetables, as they are natural cooling agents.

Stay hydrated
  1. Stay indoor – Sun is high, and UV rays are stronger between 11 AM to 3 PM.

Avoid going out during this period. And if you have to go out for some vital work, take an umbrella or wear a hat and sunglasses. Try to walk in the shade to protect yourself from the sun.

Wear hat and sunglasses
  1. Proper clothing – Avoid brighter colours and body fit suits during summer. Instead, use light colours and loose cotton clothes. 

If you are going out in the sun, use a long-sleeved shirt and full pants to cover your hands and legs from harmful UV rays.

  1. Use sunscreen – Sunscreen is a must in summer when you’re indoors, too because UV rays don’t require permission to enter your home. They can enter from your window too. 

Use sunscreen, which has an SPF of 30 or more. Apply it after every 2-3 hours.

Use sunscreen
  1. Lukewarm shower – During summer, we prefer a cold water shower. But after a cold water shower, you feel hotter, as the body takes time to adjust to extreme temperatures. 

So, take a lukewarm shower. It helps your body to maintain a balance between temperature.

Take a bath at least twice a day to avoid skin rashes and fungal infections due to excessive sweat.

  1. Relax your feet – If you feel excessively hot. Immerse your feet in regular water, and put some rock salt in it. It helps normalise your body temperature and keeps you cool on hot days.
  1. Small meal – During summer, the digestive process slows down. So, include small, light meals. 

But don’t avoid meals. You require more energy during summer due to excessive loss of minerals through sweats. 

Include curd and buttermilk in your diet, which helps you keep calm and maintain your gut health. 

Avoid spicy food, as it’s hard to digest in hot weather and may lead to acidity, heartburn and indigestion.

So, are you ready to beat the heat? 

What other measures are you following to protect yourself from the hot sun? Tell me in the comments.

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