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Eczema – Triggers, Symptoms and Prevention

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Eczema is atopic dermatitis where your skin gets inflamed with rashes and itching. Primarily found in children. Almost 20% of children suffer from it, whereas only 3% of adults suffer from it.

What is the cause?

There is no such cause, but family history may be the suspected cause.

How do Eczema trigger?

  • Some products like soap and detergent can trigger Eczema.
  • In addition, the rough fabric can activate it.
  • Respiratory infection may be one of the reasons behind it.
  • It can be stress-induced.
  • Also, climate change may aggravate it.
  • Excessive sweating can increase the chances of it.

What are the symptoms?

Itching is the initial symptom, followed by a rash. These rashes are red in colour and dry.

In infants, rashes are on the scalp, face, arms, chest, back and legs. These rashes may be oozy.

While in children, rashes are on the fold of elbows, knees, neck, wrists or ankles. And rashes are dry and scaly.

In adults, rashes are on the face, wrists, feet and fold of knees. In fair complexion, the affected part becomes red initially and then turns brown. While in a dark complexion, people active area becomes darker or lighter.

How does Eczema get Treated?

A dermatologist is the best person to treat it. 

They may advise you of some topical ointment with oral antihistamines to alleviate itching, and if required, they can prescribe you antibiotics.

What are the preventive measures?

  • Take a bath daily.
  • Don’t allow your skin to become dry by using moisturiser.
  • Use gentle soap and detergent.
  • Try to wear loose, cotton and soft clothes.
  • To reduce sweating, keep your home well ventilated.
  • Avoid scratching your skin.
  • Keep track of your food, which may trigger rashes.
  • Manage stress with daily exercise and meditation.
  • Protect yourself from dust and pollen.
  • Suppose you have delivered a baby and have a family history of Eczema. Breastfeeding your baby exclusively for six months will help the baby to protect from any allergens.

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