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7 Ways To Keep Your Hair Glowing After Hair Color

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I love highlighted hair. Hair color gives some different vibes to your personality. That doesn’t mean I don’t like natural hair. I do like that, but some extra love to color hair.

I’ve highlighted my hair thrice till now. When I did it for the first time I got so many compliments, I was freaking nervous…Why didn’t I do it before??

The reason behind not doing this was, I heard only a mess about hair color. Like your hair will turn grey once you start doing it, they will become dry, you have to spend a lot of extra penny and time to care for them. 

Frankly speaking, now I understand it’s not so hard. Few steps daily and you can flaunt your highlighted hair.

How to take care of hair after color?

  1. Avoid frequent hair wash – Frequent hair wash can fade your hair color, so avoid doing it frequently. 

Also, don’t wash your hair for 72 hours once you have freshly colored your hair, or else it will wash down easily.

Due to the chemical processes, the hair cuticle remains open and leads to damage. 

  1. Use the right shampoo – To keep hair color long sustainable there are hair-locking shampoos in the market, which you can use. Or use low sulfate shampoo, which helps you to wash out less color. 
  1. Don’t forget to use conditioner – Every time you wash your colored hair don’t forget to use conditioner. 

Conditioner helps to keep locking moisture, shine, and volume to your hair.

  1. Make oil the best friend of your hair – People think oil is an old-school thing. But believe me this is one best thing you can give it to your hair, that may be normal or coloured. You can use coconut, almond, jojoba or onion oil.

Oil massage at least twice in a week increases blood circulation to the scalp, keeps your scalp moist and helps to reduce dandruff. Strengthen hair roots. Keep your hair moist and nourished. Oil forms a protective layer around your hand strand and protects them from sun rays.

And for best results use warm oil and apply it with your finger tips or cotton all over the scalp. 

Hair oil
  1. Avoid high temperature – Frequent use of heat processes, like curling, straightening, or hairdryer can fade your hair color as well as can damage your hair. 

Heat damages protecting the covering of hair and leads to damage. So, avoid the heat process frequently on hair or use thermal protectant hair serum before applying heat.

  1. Avoid chlorine on colored hair – Chlorine and hair color are the worst enemy to each other. 

Chlorine in the swimming pool reduces your hair color. So, when your hair color is fresh, use a shower cap to protect your hair from chlorine. Or apply hair oil before jumping into the pool.

  1. Healthy diet – Eat healthy to nourish your hair. Nutrients help to keep your hair nourished and shiny. 

Include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fish like Salmon and mackerel help you to get Omega 3 fatty acids. Walnuts and almonds help you to get vitamin E. Also, include milk and egg in your daily diet to get enough protein for the nourishment of your hair.



  • Don’t keep yourself away from highlighting your hair. You can try it if you want to just add simple caring tips to your daily routine.
  • Oil is a must in any hair treatment.
  • Avoid frequent hair wash. Use low sulfate shampoo.
  • Don’t forget to apply a hair conditioner after every wash.
  • Avoid the heat applying process for hair.
  • Include vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, milk, milk products, and seafood in your diet to nourish your hair.

Do you color your hair? Tell me in the comments.

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