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 Why Does The Number On Weighing Scale Doesn’t Matter?

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“I’ve been exercising for the past 1 month, but why is there no change in my weight? My weighing scale is not moving a bit too.” Does this question bother you also?

I have answers for it.

Why your weight doesn’t matter?

  1. Your weight fluctuates daily 

Ideally, you should not weigh daily. But if you are experimenting you will notice there are some changes daily in weighing scale digits. 

This may be due to hormonal changes, maybe water retention, or maybe extra salt intake and during traveling too. Also if you have noticed you feel puffiness in the morning and by end of the day you can find yourself lean.

To avoid this fluctuation increase your water intake and minimize salt intake. 

  1. Your muscles weigh more than your fat

No, your muscles and fat weight are almost the same. So when you are exercising your fat reduces and your muscles start building up – that is a lean muscle.

Lean muscles help you to increase your metabolism rate. So, if your weighing scale shows no changes in your weight after exercising don’t worry at all.

  1. Your body composition is not constant

After dieting and changing lifestyle there is no change in weight, why so? 

Because your body composition is not constant. Your fats and muscles are weighing the same, but fat looks bulky while muscles are tender and strong.

At this point in time, your eyes can make a perfect role. See yourself in the mirror, you will find a change in your body shape. Your body may start looking a bit leaner.

  1. Your weight doesn’t show your health

Your weight doesn’t decide whether you are healthy or not? Sometimes people with the proper weight can fall sick frequently and people who are overweight or underweight may be perfectly fine without any disease.

  1. Your body measurement give you better value

As I told you earlier, the weighing scale does not show you instant results but of course your body measurement will show you the changes. 

When you start any weight loss or weight gain program, measure yourself in inches and measure yourself after 1 month, you will find changes in inches.

Also your clothes can tell you about changes in your body.


  • Digit on the weighing scale doesn’t matter really, what matters is how active you are, how healthy you are.
  • Don’t check your weight frequently, instead look for how many inches you have gained or lost. 
  • Make your eyes and clothes your best friend.
  • If you are on any weight loss or weight gain program, don’t jump to conclusions within a few days. Give enough time to your body for adjustment.

How frequently do you check your weight?

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