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Are You Doing Abs Exercise? Keep These Things In Mind

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Abs or flat tummy is a dream of every youngster. Boys want abs like Hrithik Roshan and girls to want a flat tummy like Samantha Prabhu, isn’t it? All our young generation is struggling for it. 

Crunches are the main exercise for abs, but along with that walking, running, jumping, skipping and planks also help to reduce belly fat.

While doing abs there is always pressure on the back and there are high chances of spine or neck injury. 

Precautionary measures while doing abs exercise

PostureCore muscles or abdominal muscles are involved in the spine movement. Hence make sure that while doing plank your spine remains straight. If it’s not straight, there may be pressure on your spine which may lead to back pain. 

Also, don’t strain your back more than required. Hyperextension of the back can damage your vertebrae.

Neck movement –  While doing abdominal exercise, along with your spine you need to take care of your neck too. 

During crunches, you keep your hand under your head to support the neck. You lift your head above from the ground. Hands give support to the neck, but some people put pressure on hands to lift the neck, which is completely wrong and can hurt the muscles of the hands.

Also while doing crunches if you are looking at the ceiling, is the correct way, but if you are looking forward, you are straining your neck.

Breath – Abdominal muscles are involved in breathing too. If you are holding your breath while exercising, you are doing something wrong. 

As you know, the body needs more oxygen while exercising or doing strenuous activities. If you stop breathing while doing abs, oxygen level from your body will reduce and you may feel tired or dizzy. Instead, keep taking deep breaths.

Speed – You need to go slow while doing abdominal exercise. If you are doing very quick, frequent, a sudden movement in the muscles can damage your tendons, ligaments, or joints too. 

Slow abdominal exercise ensures that you are doing exercise effectively, as well as without damaging your body.

Things to keep in mind while doing abs

  1. Warm-up – Before doing exercise, warm up yourself. Just move your hands or take a few jumps in place, bend down, stretch your back, which helps your body to be ready for exercise. 

If you start exercising directly, sudden vigorous movement in the body can damage your ligament.

  1. Reps second – Don’t concentrate on quantity. Do as many reps you can do, that is repeat exercise only as much as you can perform properly. 
  1. No pain – Abs exercise won’t hurt much. Mild pain is normal at the beginning stage.  If you feel pain, check out your posture and do it properly. And if you have consistent pain, please consult your physician.
  1. Start on a stable surface – Choose a flat surface while doing lunges or planks. Don’t rush behind what others do. Experts are doing on the unstable surface as they have done masters in it, after too much practicing. 

So, first, practice it frequently and then do it. Do abs exercise at least thrice in a week, for better results.

Always do exercise with the proper guidance of an expert.

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