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Is Omicron Really Serious Than SARS CoV2?

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In December 2019, the COVID virus entered the world. And today after almost 2 years we are thinking about it, at least now we are going to be free from masks and sanitizers, but no way!!!!  Another variant of the COVID virus Omicron came to meet us.

Current information about omicron

1st Omicron patient found in South Africa. There must be many variants of that but nothing is sure as there is no research available regarding that. As we are all facing the COVID for the first time so no study and no previous research is available. 


Till now no evidence is available about the severity and transmission of the disease. It might be the same or less severe in comparison to Delta or other variants. 

Some evidence shows that if you are previously affected with SARS CoV2 there is a risk that you may suffer from the Omicron. But as I said earlier there is no full-proof study available for that. We may get the complete information in the coming weeks.

Now, you may ask, Mansi but we are completely vaccinated, do we also get an infection?

We can’t deny the possibility, but the effect of the disease may be less severe. Like SARS CoV2 and Delta. WHO is doing more research on it to find out the effectiveness of the vaccine on the different variants.

What will be the treatment for the new variant?

The treatment may be the same as we had given to SARS CoV2, but it may change depending on the severity of the virus.

Symptoms of Omicron

The most common symptoms are fatigue, cough, runny nose, and congestion. 

There may be no smell or taste affected in this infection like SARS CoV2. This conclusion is taken from the study done from a small outbreak in Netherland. But it’s not confirmed as these changes are due to Omicron or the vaccination status of the people.

Incubation period

The incubation period of this virus may be from 3 days to a week. So if you are found exposed to this virus you can test yourself after 72 hours.

What precautionary measures do we need to take?

  • Don’t remove your mask while talking.
  • Keep a safe distance.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water.
  • Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Avoided crowded places.
  • Keep proper ventilation at home and office. 
  • Cough and sneeze by covering your mouth with a mask, tissue or do it in your elbow.
  • Don’t move out of house if you are sick.
  • And as always eat a healthy diet and drink enough water.

It’s our responsibility to keep ourselves, our family, and our nation safe and disease-free. Let’s work on this together. 

What is your opinion about this new variant? comment below.

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