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5 Useful Medical Gadgets To Track Healthy Life

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We are in the digital era. Sometimes we blame this digital life for our unhealthy lifestyle. But can we make the best of it? Yes, why not? We can use these Medical gadgets and applications to track our health to remind us of our healthy habits. We can make this digital life our best friend to help us, to support us while walking on a healthy path. 

Now you will ask, Mansi, how this can be possible??

So, let me tell you there are different applications on your mobile, there are different gadgets available in the market which can help you. 

Healthcare providers use medical equipment to evaluate your health which is large, heavy, and expensive too. But the medical gadgets are portable, lighter in weight, easy to operate, and not so expensive.

Let’s talk about a few of medical gadgets today.

  1. Oximeter – Pulse oximeter is a small device that helps you to get your oxygen level and pulse rate. 

It is a small, portable device. You can easily get reading by applying it on your finger.

This is one of the necessary medical gadgets, which is most useful in a current pandemic. If your oxygen level goes down below 90 consult your physician. 

If you have a cough, or after walking, exercise, or after any strenuous activity your oxygen level can go down.

Dr trust professional series of pulse oximeter

  1. Thermometer – Thermometer is necessary to check body temperature. It can be used during viral or flu episodes.

You can use a digital thermometer which reduces your hassle compared to a mercury thermometer. Remember digital thermometer must be kept in the axilla to check reading.

Or you can use a contactless infrared thermometer which is best during this COVID time. With the help of this infrared thermometer, you can check the temperature without touching the person.

Normal body temperature is 98.6 C. If it goes above 100 C you need to consult your physician and give a cold compress.

Dr trust digital thermometer

Digital Thermometer

Dr trust digital forehead infrared thermometer

Infrared Thermometer
  1. Digital blood pressure monitor – It’s a portable blood pressure monitoring machine that is super easy to use. 

If you have elderly parents at home, you must keep this machine at home. 

Omron HEM 7120 digital blood pressure monitor

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
  1. Smart Watch – All of you know about smartwatches. As people are becoming smarter, watches are becoming smarter too.

It’s a digital watch that has software to keep track of your steps, exercise, heart rate, and oxygen level too. Some advanced watches track your heart rhythm and notify you of abnormal heart rhythm.

Boat Xtend Smart Watch

Smart Watch
  1. Glucometer – It’s not always possible to go into the lab and check your sugar. But glucometer helps you to keep a check on your sugar at home too. 

If you or any of your family members have diabetes it’s better you keep glucometers at home. You can check your sugar level as and when necessary. So, you can consult your physician for further line of treatment. 

Accucheck Blood Glucose Glucometer Kit


Now I’ll tell you about some applications on your Mobile which are free and help you to track your health. 

Mobile Applications –

My calendar is an app on your mobile which helps you to keep track of your menstruation cycle. There is no hassle while remembering your last menses date. Also, you can record your symptoms in that, it also gives you information about your fertile window and approximate date about the next period.

Forest app helps you to reduce your mobile addiction. You can set your focus time and plant a digital tree. The time how long you are away from a mobile or in a deep work session that tree grows up and if you complete your assignment you get credit point and from that credit points team forest plant a real tree. How cool is it?

Do you know of any such applications or gadgets that will help you to track your health? Let me know in the comments.

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