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Fatigue Is Your Problem? Try These Tips To Avoid It

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“I’m feeling tired, I feel fatigued”, we heard this frequently. But what is the reason behind that? 

Fatigue can be mental or physical, but both need equal attention. 

You know fatigue is the main reason behind accidents taken in the workplace and motor vehicle accidents.

How to know about fatigue?

  • You feel tired continuously, you may feel sleepy all the time.
  • There will be a loss of appetite.
  • You can experience irritation all the time and may feel depressed.
  • difficult to concentrate on your work or studies.
  • You may experience headaches and dizziness.
  • Constant body ache or muscle ache. There may be underlying disease conditions also, where you experience constant body ache. For chronic body pain, you need to consult your physician. 
  • You may feel less motivated.
  • You can experience blurred vision.
  • There will be impaired eye and hand contact in severe cases or during chronic fatigue. 


Fatigue can be caused by various reasons, which includes 

  1. Lifestyle – Your lifestyle has more impact on your health. But we ignore this important thing.
  • Poor Diet – Your body reflects what you eat. No one can deny the importance of a healthy diet in our life.  Diet with proper nutrients helps you to become energetic, keeps you fresh and energetic. 

But remember artificial energy drinks will make you feel energetic only for a few hours, so better to avoid them. 

  • Irregular Sleep Hours – In this fast era, we are running behind success and reducing our sleep for work, or for enjoyment. Once in a while, it is okay but not regularly. 

Along with less sleep, disturbed sleep also causes fatigue. If you have a newborn child, your sleep may be disturbing, and the frequency of urination during the night can disturb your sleep. Sleep apnea (stops your breathing suddenly while sleeping) is one of the reasons for not getting sound sleep, which results in tiredness throughout the day.

The lack of sleep causes tiredness, the same way if you sleep more than 10 hours it can lead to daytime sleepiness. 

  • Lack Of Exercise – The more you are active, the more you feel energetic. Daily exercise makes you healthy by increasing blood circulation to the body. Enhance your daily activity and boost your energy level. As well as giving you sound sleep. 
  • Alcohol –  Excessive consumption of alcohol gives a bad impact on your sleep. Makes you feel drowsy and lethargic. 
  1. Medical illness 
  • Diabetes – A disease like diabetes, makes you feel tired by lowering your sugar level or by increasing the frequency of urine.
  • Thyroid – Fatigue is the main symptom of the thyroid. If you feel frequent fatigue, consult your physician and undergo an investigation for thyroid.
  • Anemia – Due to low hemoglobin you feel tired, lethargic, and unable to concentrate on your work.
  • Chronic pain and injuries – Chronic pain conditions like Rheumatoid arthritis make you feel tired. Or accidental injuries or burns disturbs your daily routine, as well as pain due to injury and medicines, which may cause fatigue.
  1. Emotional stress – Mental disturbance makes you feel tired more than physical exertion. Depression, anxiety, or grief of family members or near ones, gives more emotional disturbances, which results in tiredness. 
  1. Work stress – In today’s generation workplace-related stress is the most common cause of fatigue. 
  • Shift duties – People who work in media, hospitals, police, and securities are facing this issue. The Human body is designed in such a way where we are active in the daytime and the body needs rest during the night. When we go opposite this cycle, it gives us tiredness. 
  • Unpleasant environment – Heavy workload, conflicts between colleagues and boss, long working hours, create a stressful environment and lead to fatigue. 
  • Workload – Physical hard work for long hours can lead to tiredness.
  • Unemployment – Unemployment creates financial worries and leads to mental tiredness.

How to diagnose fatigue?

History – Your physician may ask you questions about medical and surgical illness in the past, family history of illness, which helps them to find out the reason behind your fatigue.

Blood investigation – Your physician may advise you to do a few investigations, like Complete blood count for hemoglobin, Thyroid profile, and investigate you for sugar level to rule out the reason.


Fatigue is not a disease it is a condition, which can be associated with any disease condition. If the reason behind your tiredness is ruled out as anemia, your physician may treat you with iron and folic acid to increase your level of hemoglobin. 

If you have an impaired level of thyroid or sugar level, your physician may advise you medicine to control the level of thyroid and sugar.

Measures to improve fatigue 

  • Take a healthy diet. Include fruits, green leafy vegetables, milk products, and dry fruits in your daily diet.
  • Don’t skip your breakfast. Include proteins and complex carbohydrates in your breakfast.
  •  Drink enough water. Drink a glass of water before and after one hour of exercise. Also, sip water in between exercises.
  • Practice mindfulness.
  • Do exercise, yoga, or walk daily.
  • Get eight hours of sound sleep. Don’t use a laptop, mobile, or Television for at least 30 minutes before going to bed.
  • If you have sleep apnea, consult your physician and start using CPAP while sleeping.
  • If you are working shift duties, try to complete your sleep before joining the duty. 
  • Avoid smoking, reduce alcohol.
  • If you feel depressed or low try to talk with your friends or near one. Or in extreme cases seek help from a therapist. 

If you feel tired try to change your lifestyle habits. And if this fatigue stays for more than 6 weeks, consult your physician for further investigation and treatment.

Take care of yourself.  Stay healthy, stay safe.

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