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9 Benefits Of Walking

woman walking on pathway under the sun

“You have to walk daily”, we hear this quite often, don’t we?? But really walking is so important? 

Yes, it is!! It is the best exercise, which you can do without investing a single penny. 

How does walking impact your health?

  1. Improves blood circulation– Daily walking at least 30 minutes a day, makes the heart pump fast and boosts your blood circulation. 

Which reduces the risk of heart diseases to 20%. If you increase time of walk to more than 30 minutes, it reduces risk by around 40%.

  1. Burn calories – When you walk, fat in your body utilizes to produce more energy, which results in sweating and burning calories. It helps you to lose or maintain weight.

How many calories you are burning depends totally on your time and speed of your walk.

  1. Bone health – Most of the joint cartilage doesn’t get a direct blood supply. It gets nutrition from the joint fluid, during movement. 

Daily walking will strengthen the muscles of the knees and hips and reduce pain. So, a brisk walk is recommended for arthritis patients. 

Also, it helps to reduce belly fat, as well as increases core strength.

  1. Mental health – Walking helps to keep you mentally healthy. It helps to wash down negative thoughts, depression and increases self-esteem.

Also, study shows it helps to reduce the risk of age-related memory loss and dementia. 

  1. Increases life span – Walking increases your lifespan. Moderate pace walk increases life span by 20%, however brisk walk increases it to 24%.
  1. Boost your energy – When you walk, the oxygen level in the body increases, which helps to boost your energy.

Hormones like epinephrine, norepinephrine, and cortisol which are helpful for increasing energy levels get pumped up after walking and increase your energy level.

  1. Increases your creativity – Walking helps to clear your thoughts and make your brain more active and creative, especially when you are taking an outdoor walk. 

Research shows that walking helps to free flow the ideas and removes thought blocks. 

  1. Tone your legs – Due to walking, the muscles of the legs become strong. 

Walking on hills or stairs gives you more benefits, it makes your muscles stronger.

  1. Improves sleep – When you are tired your body needs rest, right? Same way when you walk your body gets tired and you can get sleep easily. 

Study shows that people who walk daily for 1 hour don’t get insomnia.

Safety instruction

  • Use comfortable walking shoes.
  • Wear comfortable and loose clothes.
  • Choose a walking path that is free of potholes, and even helps you to keep free from fall.
  • Choose a well-lit area for a walk.
  • Drink water before and after walking to keep yourself hydrated.


  • Walking is the best and inexpensive exercise.
  • It is the simplest form of exercise so everyone can do it.
  • It is the best exercise for every group.
  • Walk daily at least for 30 minutes to keep yourself healthy.
  • Start it at your own pace. If you need to take a break after every 10 minutes or divide your walk-in 3 times a day for 10 or 15 minutes.
  • Daily walking helps to maintain your sugar level. 
  • Choose a garden for a walk, as nature walks will refresh you.
  • Consult your physician if you have a medical illness or have undergone any surgery.

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