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7 Eye Care Tips for Healthy Eyes

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Eyes are God’s most precious gift. We all want beautiful and healthy eyes, don’t we?

Let me share 7 useful tips that will keep your eyes bright and shiny.

Healthy eyes

1. Eat right

We all know how important good food is for good health. Eyes are no exception. We need vitamins, minerals, omega-3-fatty-acids, and other nutrients to keep our eyes healthy. Not just that, eating proper food will also help you fight age-related eye diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration.

Foods such as spinach, carrots, nuts, fish are rich in antioxidants and all the good nutrients that your eyes need.

I’ve listed the best foods for healthy eyes in one of my blogs. You can check them out here.

Healthy food

2. Minimize Digital Eye Strain

One of the evils of modern-day living is the constant exposure to digital screens that are so difficult to avoid! Imagine a world without digital screens, somewhere close to nature with only lush green forests around you. Feels beautiful to think about, doesn’t it? But we all know it isn’t practical.

Phones, tablets, and laptops are now an inseparable part of our lives. We can’t completely avoid them. But we can surely minimize their use, can’t we?

Most gadgets come with an inbuilt program that displays your total on-screen time. Keep a tab of how much time you spend looking at a screen, and make sure that you are not using your devices any longer than you really need to.

While using a device, blink frequently and remember to take short breaks in between to avoid straining your eyes too much.

I’ve mentioned a few other tips to avoid digital eye strain in one of my blogs.


3. Wear the right spectacles

If you experience blurred vision, headache, or eye strain, get your eyes tested to know whether you need spectacles.

If you use spectacles, ensure that your prescription is up-to-date. Using glasses of incorrect prescription could lead to eye strain.

While choosing your spectacle frame, ensure that it is the right size as per your face. Too small a frame could limit your field of vision and too large a frame will add unnecessary weight to your glasses.

I’ve written a separate blog about Dos and Don’t for spectacles users, you can have a look!


4. Keep your eyes clean

Splash your eyes with cool water in the morning. Ensure that your eyelids are clean.

Sometimes a condition called “blepharitis” develops if proper cleanliness of the eyes is not maintained. In this condition, fine dandruff-like material is formed on the eyelashes, and it causes irritation and itching of the eyes.

If you find any deposits on your eyelashes, let me tell you a simple method to clean them. Take a small bowl of lukewarm water and add a few drops of baby shampoo to it. Then dip a cotton bud in the bowl and gently clean your eyelashes.

It is important to maintain eye hygiene to avoid infections. Also, avoid these 7 Habits that are bad for your eyes.

Splash your eyes

5. Sleep well

We need a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep for good health. Sleep not only refreshes your mind and body but also relaxes your eyes because that is the only time we keep our eyes closed.

A good night’s sleep will prevent early signs of aging, eye bags, and dark circles. Remember, beauty sleep is a must for beautiful eyes!

Sleep well

6. Protect your eyes

Our eyes are very delicate and need to be protected from harm.

Most important thing is to wear sunglasses when you go out in harsh sunlight. The UV rays not only strain your eyes, but they can harm your eyes in the long run.

If you are working with wood or metal, or anything that could cause something to suddenly hit your eyes, make sure to use protective glasses.

If you are riding a bike, always wear a helmet. It will not only save your life in case of an accident, but it will also prevent dust particles from entering your eyes.

Never observe welding arcs or eclipse with naked eyes. The ultraviolet and infrared rays are dangerous and could cause loss of vision.

Protect your eyes

7. Go for regular eye check-ups

One of the most important things that you can do to take care of your eyes is to go for an eye checkup at least once a year.

And this applied to people of all age groups, including children. Eye checkups are especially important in children because they may not be able to tell their vision problems to their parents. You could read about my blog on 8 warning signs of vision problems in children.

A lot of eye diseases are treatable if detected at an early stage. Therefore regular eye checkups will ensure that you get the best possible eye care by early detection and treatment.

Eye Check up

I hope this blog was useful and will help you take good care of your eyes!

About Me:

I am Dr. Neha Pednekar (MBBS, DNB, FICO, MRCSEd), I am a practicing ophthalmologist and eye surgeon. I have 4 years of experience in my specialty and I have performed over 2000 eye surgeries.

I’m born and raised in Mumbai and am currently settled and working in Lucknow.

Blogging is a hobby close to my heart. I’ve always loved writing, and thanks to Mansisword for inspiring me to start my blogging journey.

Every week, on Saturday, I post a new interesting article related to eye health on my website.

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Take good care of your eyes and stay healthy!

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