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11 Easiest Ways To Improve Your Mental Health

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As per World Health Organization (WHO), “Health is a complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.”

But most of the time we only look for physical health. Mental health is almost getting ignored, maybe due to social stigma. Our society takes mental illness as a taboo and we have to change it. 

What affects mental health?

Chronic illness – Diabetes, renal diseases, cancers like chronic diseases impaired physical ability of the person. And when a person is physically unable to do the routine work he/she may suffer from mental illness.

Abuse – It can be physical, mental, or sexual. The important reason children suffer from mental illness is abuse. 

Abuse can cause a lack of self-confidence, anger, a short temper, irritating behavior, and depression. A person may prefer isolated living. 

Loss of a loved one’s – Loss of our loved person or separation or break up in the family is painful for everyone. 

Coping with this loss may cause depression and negativity in the behavior and affect mostly the young ones. 

Family history – Sometimes mental illness can be genetic. If you have a history of mental illness in the family there may be chances you are affected by the same.

Lifestyle – Your physical working condition, dietary habits can affect your mental health. 

Substance abuse plays a major role in affecting your mental health.

Stress – Physical or mental stress, which may be due to workload, financial problems, or socioeconomic status will affect your mental health. This is the main reason behind mental illness nowadays.

Importance of mental health

  1. If you are mentally ill, it will impair your physical health too. As both go hand in hand.
  1. Mental illness can affect your eating habits.
  1. If you are mentally unfit it can decrease your self-esteem and also change your behavior. 
  1. Mental illness will slow the recovery rate if you are physically unwell.

How to take care of your mental health 

  1. Practice meditation – Take out some time from your busy schedule and practice meditation and yoga to relax your mind. It will help you to be healthy physically and mentally too.
  1. Journaling – Make it a habit to write down your thoughts. It will help you to channelize your negative thoughts. 
  1. Hobbies – Possess your hobbies, give some time for that. It may be reading, dancing, cooking, painting. 
  1. Take a break – Take a break from your busy schedule. Working daily may drain your brain and give you mental tiredness. 

Go for a walk, watch a movie or go shopping. Spend time with your family and friends.

  1. Spend time with nature – Nature has the best remedy in itself. When you spend time with nature, it gives you calmness. The greenery around you gives you a pleasant feeling.
  1. Take a break from gadgets – We are gadget addicts nowadays. That may be mobile, Television, or laptop. Take a day break from it, at least once a month, and give time for your brain and mind to relax.
  1. Practice forgiveness – Most of the time unnecessary arguments trouble us. We think about them more often, disturb our daily routine, and increase our blood pressure too. 

So, just try to avoid these arguments. Just say “Sorry” and end the matter. It will save you from unnecessary hassles.

  1. Reward yourself – Celebrate your small wins. Give small rewards to yourself for accomplishing the small tasks.
  1. Don’t compare yourself with others – When you compare yourself with others it lowers your ability and gives a sense of failure. 

Remember everyone has a different background, different way to perform their work and everyone has different ability to do it and everyone has different skills. So don’t compare yourself with others.

You are unique in your ways.

  1.  Omega 3 fatty acid – Include omega 3 fatty acid in your diet. Which helps your brain to be more active and reduces the risk of mental illness.
  1. Dark chocolates Dark chocolate is rich in Flavanols, which increases blood circulation to the brain. 

So choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate and get health benefits too.


  • Mental health is as important as physical health, so don’t ignore your mental illness.
  • 50% of the total population suffers from mental illness.
  • Mental illness can be treated and cured.
  • Open up your problems with your near ones. Don’t keep things saturated in mind. 
  • Include a healthy diet.
  • Practice yoga and meditation daily.
  • Take out time for yourself.
  • Seek the help of a therapist if you are unable to solve your problems.

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