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Do You Need To Drink 8 Glasses Of Water Daily?

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The human body consists of 60% water, and blood contains 90% of it. It is the main nutrient of our body. 

Do you know? 

Children have a higher percentage of water in their bodies. Newborn children contain 78% of It in the body, which is reduced to 65% at the age of 1 year. Men contain more water than women. Also, lean tissue contains more of it than fatty tissue.

Why is water necessary for our body?

  1. Regulate temperature – Water is stored in the middle layer of the skin. When you exercise or exert yourself it comes out in the form of sweat.  And due to the heat, it evaporates and causes a cooling sensation in the body.

If you didn’t have proper storage of it in the body, you may experience heatstroke.

  1. Digestion of food – Digestive system needs water to function properly and to digest the food. If you don’t get enough fluid in the body, the colon absorbs liquid from stool, to remain hydrated, and results in constipation.

Acid quantity in the stomach increases with less fluid And leads to heartburn and acidity.

  1. Joint lubrication – Cartilage in the joints and vertebrae of the spine contains 80% of water. This cartilage has a shock-absorbing capacity, so when you get jerks or while moving it helps you from injury. 
  1. Maintain kidney function – Water helps kidneys to transfer waste products from the body in and out of cells. Toxins and Water-soluble waste are excreted through the kidney. 

When you get enough fluid, urine can pass freely. It can be light yellow in color and odor-free. If your body gets less fluid urine becomes concentrated, as kidneys absorb extra fluid from body function.

  1. Protect brain – Proper amount of fluid helps you to protect the spine and brain. Water helps in maintaining hormones and neurotransmitter levels. Dehydration can create problems in thinking and memory.
  1. Skin health – To look younger and keep your skin wrinkle-free, you have to keep yourself well hydrated. As skin contains plenty of water and works as a barrier to prevent excess fluid loss. 
  1. Muscle Health – To keep the muscle energies you need to keep yourself well hydrated. Cells that don’t get enough fluids lead to muscle fatigue. 

So, your trainer must encourage you to drink sips of fluid at regular intervals while exercising. As it can replace fluid loss by sweating.

  1. Blood circulation – Blood contains 90% of water. Blood carries oxygen all over the body. To flow it properly, your body needs to remain well hydrated.
  1. Helps in weight loss – Most dieticians advise drinking lots of water in the weight loss journey. Actually, it doesn’t help in direct weight loss. But you can replace carbonated drinks with water.

The food which contains a high amount of water takes a long time to chew. And absorb slowly in the body. Which gives a full sensation for more time and you don’t feel hungry. Also if you drink It before food you tend to eat less amount of food due to fullness, which can help you for weight loss.

  1. Reduce hangover – While partying, excessive amounts of alcohol can cause hangovers, as well as dryness of the mouth, an aftereffect of it. 

If you drink water in between while drinking alcohol, it can help to maintain fluid balance in the body and help you to reduce hangovers.

What is a daily requirement of water?

We always hear that we drink 8-10 glasses of water daily, but is it true?? 

How much Fluid you need to drink totally depends on your age, sex, activities, and climate. If you are doing more strainers activity, your body loses fluid via sweat, and to maintain the balance of the fluid in the body, you may require more amount of fluid than the sedentary worker.

Infants below 6 months don’t need water, as they cover their fluid requirement through milk. 

                      AGE  FLUID REQUIREMENT
6-12 months3 cups
1-3 years4 cups
4-8 years1 liter
6-13 years2 liters
14-18 yearsMale – 2.5 litersFemale – 2 liters
19-30 yearsMale – 2.7 litersFemale – 2.5 liters
Above 30 yearsMale – 3 litersFemale – 2.7 liters
Daily Fluid Requirement

*above values are for total fluid requirement/day including water

Also, pregnant and lactating women need an extra 0.7 to 1-liter fluid daily.


  • The daily requirement of fluid depends upon your activities, age, sex, and climate.
  • Keeping yourself hydrated for better function of your body.
  • You can usually drink plain water, but adding lemon wedges into it gives a taste and nutrients.
  • Soups, juices (without sugar and preservatives), buttermilk, milk also can fulfill the daily amount of fluid requirement.
  • Include fruits like watermelon, muskmelon, grapes, vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes contain 80% of water in your daily diet.

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