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Why SPF Is Necessary For Your Skin?

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Sunscreen without SPF is like mobile without a network. If your sunscreen lotion doesn’t have SPF how will you get protection from harmful UV rays?

UV rays are ultraviolet rays. These harmful rays from the sun can damage your screen. There are two types – UVA and UVB. Almost 95%of UV rays which come to the ground are UVA and only 5% are UVB. 

UVA can cause wrinkles and aging to your skin, however UVB has more energy, and they can directly reach to the DNA of your skin, and can cause skin cancer. 

What is SPF?

SPF is a Sun Protection Factor. It indicates the protection you are getting from UVB offered by your sunscreen lotion.

How does SPF work?

Sunscreen lotion acts as a bulletproof jacket for your skin. When UV rays come in contact with sunscreen, molecules in the sunscreen absorb the UV rays, scatter and reflect it. 

But for proper protection, your sunscreen needs a good amount of SPF in it.

Types and differences between SPF?

SPF 15, 20, 30, 50, and more are the types of SPF. SPF 15 can block around 93% of UVB rays, it’s mostly used in makeup kits.  While 30 can block 96.7% and 50 can block 98% of UVB rays. 

No sunscreen can give you 100% protection from UV rays. 

Benefits of SPF?

  1. To avoid inflammation – You must have noticed your skin turns red after exposure to the sun. When you are exposed to high heat, the UV rays damage the skin and cause inflammation. The body directs more blood towards inflamed parts to reduce damage.

If you use sunscreen, SPF blocks the UV rays and prevents your skin from damage.

  1. Prevent skin from premature aging – More exposure to UVA rays loses the collagen from the skin and causes premature aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and reduces elasticity.

The best way to avoid this is to include SPF in your daily skincare routine.

  1. To avoid hyperpigmentation – Hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone may be due to hereditary but in most cases, it can be due to sun damage. 

This hyperpigmentation can be found on the face, hands, or the body part exposed to the sun. Try to reduce this by using sunscreen.

  1. To protect from sunburn – UVA and UVB rays can cause severe damage to the skin. 

Frequent exposure to the sun can cause redness, inflammation, boils, and itching on the skin. These are the symptoms of sunburn. 

Severe sunburn can lead to skin cancer.

  1. Protects you from skin cancer – As we all know UV rays can cause skin cancer. But using sunscreen will reduce the risk of it.

How to choose SPF?

As I told you earlier SPF is of different types. SPF 15 is mostly used in makeup. 

If you basically keep yourself indoors, you can use 20. And if you are traveling more you can go beyond 30.

Remember but there is no use if you use your sunscreen only once a day.

Also, one important point is some sunscreen protects only from UVA, while some will protect only from UVB. So, remember to choose “BROAD SPECTRUM” sunscreen while purchasing your sunscreen. 

Broad-spectrum or full spectrum on the label of your sunscreen gives you protection from UVA and UVB. 

When to apply sunscreen? 

Most people say, “on weekends, I don’t apply sunscreen as I am at home only”, does UV rays take holidays on weekends too??

When you are at home, sun rays can enter your home through a window, through a door. So, avoid this concept and use sunscreen when you are at home too.

When you are on a beach vacation you are applying sunscreen without fail, isn’t it? But what about skiing holidays? You know snow reflects 80% of UV rays. So next time when you go on skiing holidays, carry your sunscreen without fail.

During cold climates or rainy days, sun rays are not that harsh, and you may avoid using sunscreen. But during these days also, 75% of UV rays reach the earth. So, don’t avoid sunscreen these days too.

You might be thinking clothes are protecting you from sun damage. But not all clothes protect you from the sun. Light color garments and fabrics like silk, crepe allow sun rays to hit the skin. So, use sunscreen in lighter color clothes too.


  • Use sunscreen with SPF more than 30 and broad-spectrum.
  • Some examples of broad-spectrum sunscreen are Lakme Sun Expert, Lotus SPF, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch SPF 50 Sun Block, Oxybenzone Free Sunscreen Spf 50, Ultra Matte Sunscreen Gel. 
  • Apply sunscreen when you are at home too.
  • Carry your sunscreen always with you. As SPF is completely effective for 2 hours post-application.
  • Use lip balm or lipstick which contains SPF of more than 30 to protect your lips from cancer.
  • Along with sunscreen, to protect your skin from sun damage, use sunglasses, and dark color clothes.
  • For more protection from sun damage wear polyester, synthetic fabric, wool, and denim.

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