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9 Things That Triggers Psoriasis

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Psoriasis is a condition where the immune system causes some areas of your skin to produce new skin very rapidly, leading to thickening, scaling, and itching of skin.

It is symptomized by skin rashes, redness, dryness of skin, and dents in nails.

Most people get confused between dandruff and psoriasis.

There are 4 types of psoriasis – 

Plaque psoriasis – this is the most common type. Rashes found on the trunk, elbows, knees, and scalp. Nails of fingers and toes become thick and may separate from nail beds.

Inverse psoriasis – this type of skin affects the axilla, groins, buttocks, and under the breast.

These are moist rashes. 

Guttate psoriasis – in this type teardrop rashes are prominent all over the body.

Pustular psoriasis – in this type small pustules spread all over the body.

Psoriasis trigger points –

  1. Food – There is not a specific diet for it. The study says tomatoes, eggplant, whole wheat flour, pork, red meat, dairy products, gluten product, and fatty food trigger the disease.
  1. Alcohol – Alcohol can flare it, but there is more impact on women than men.
  1. Obesity – Obese people have a risk to get psoriasis and chances are high to aggravate it.

A study done in 2013 found that people consuming a low-fat diet have a lower risk of it.

  1. Smoking – Smoking is not only bad for psoriasis. But it is bad for overall health. Tobacco can aggravate it. And Nicotin can interact with its medicine too.
  1. Hormones – Low estrogen level triggers it.

Hence during puberty and menopause, there is a flare and during pregnancy, it’s almost clear.

  1. Weather – Excessive exposure to heat can aggravate the flare. And during winter moisture from the skin is decreased. Which leads to dry skin, and a flare of the disease.
  1. Stress – Psoriasis is always closely related to stress, and a big trigger point.
  1. Nutrients – Our body naturally prepares taurine and some amount of choline. An excess amount of it can trigger rashes. Taurine can obtain from meat, fish, and energy drinks. Choline is largely found in eggs, liver, and animal products.
  1. Medicine – Medicine like beta-blockers, antimalarial medicine, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors can trigger it.

In some cases, it is treated with steroids. But the rapid withdrawal of steroids can trigger it.

How to prevent triggers

  • Observe yourself, which things can trigger your disease.
  •  Avoid food and beverage which can trigger your disease
  • Quit smoking, and try to avoid alcohol.
  • Avoid exposure to heat. Use sunscreen lotion.
  • Use moisturizer cream for skin dryness.
  • Maintain your body weight.
  • Protect your skin from injury.
  • Hydrate yourself with 8-10 glasses of water daily.
  • Use propysalic lotion and ointment on the active rash.

Psoriasis can be treated with methotrexate, and biologics after consulting with a dermatologist.

Conclusion – Psoriasis can be hereditary. And triggered by some specific causes like a certain food, some medicine, and stress. 

Consult your dermatologist for specific treatment.

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