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Post Delivery Health – How To Take Care

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Post delivery health is much important, which is ignored by most of the mothers.

Motherhood!!!! A word says it all.

A completely new life is taking place in your womb. You are the creator of a new life, how amazing it is!!

Giving birth to a new tiny baby along with your rebirth – what a superpower we women have, isn’t it?

From pregnancy till delivery women are going through lots of changes physically and emotionally.

Estrogen and Progesterone level is high during pregnancy. A sudden drop in the level of these hormones 3 days of post-delivery will lead to mental disturbances.

Post Delivery Changes In The Body

Weight Gain – During pregnancy, there is tremendous weight gain. Remember post-delivery weight loss won’t happen overnight.

Breast Tenderness – Due to the active lactation gland breasts are tender and heavy.

Pain – Uterine pain is most common, due to a change in the size of the uterus. 

If you undergo a C section, spine pain, and abdominal pain troubles you, and if you undergo normal delivery for the 1st time pain due to episiotomy is common.

Fatigue – Post-delivery life is completely different and for a new mom it is a NEW LIFE. 

Pain, abdominal cramps, handling the baby, understanding the baby, deprived sleep, all causes post-delivery fatigue.

Mood swings – Post-delivery changes in hormones cause mood swings. Sometimes you may feel like crying, you may feel left alone. Also, you may feel like you are not worth doing anything, you are, not able to take care of the baby, especially when the baby cries and you are unable to understand the reason behind it.

Also bloated tummy, weight gain makes you feel less attractive and causes depression. 

These all symptoms will last for 2 weeks post-delivery. If it persists you need to seek help from your gynecologist. 

How To Deal With The Post Delivery Changes

  1. Rest – Important factor is rest. The more you get rest helps you for early recovery. 

Sleep when your baby is sleeping. 

  1. Food – Include healthy, warm, and freshly cooked food. Green vegetables help you to avoid constipation. Fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds help you to get relief from back pain and helps to increase breast milk. 
  1. Exercise – Walking is the best exercise. Instead of doing vigorous exercises, take a stroll with the baby, whenever you get time.
  1. Me Time – Post delivery, moms forgets that they have their own life, which leads to feel you exhausted. 

Take out at least 15-20 minutes for yourself once in 2-3 days. Read a book, or do meditation or take a power nap to refresh yourself.

  1. Helping hands – It’s difficult to manage baby and home responsibility. Take help from your family members, friends (whom you trust) to help in some activities and taking care of the baby for some time.
  1. Breast tenderness – Due to active lactation, the breast will be tender, and painful. Apply hot or cold compression to relieve that.

Apply nipple cream after guidance from your gynecologist on sore nipples.

  1. Pain Relief – To reduce lower back and uterine pain, take hot compression. Or take pain relief tablets after consulting a gynecologist.
  1. Vaginal discharge – Post-delivery body is eliminating blood and tissue for 2-4 weeks. 

Don’t use menstrual cups or tampons for 8-10 weeks post-delivery, as they can cause uterine infection. Consult gynecologist before started using menstrual cups or tampons.

Motherhood is amazing. Don’t stress yourself. Don’t compare yourself with other mothers, don’t take guilt for being a perfect mother. 

So, enjoy the process and create memories!!!

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