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Nurses: A Voice To Lead A Vision For Future Health Care

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Nurses are the heart of health care. Doctors are treating you but care only can be given by nurses.

They take care of your health 24×7, we all have experienced this in the last 1 year. Without thinking for themselves, their family nurses are risking their lives to save us. 

12th May is the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale who was a pioneer of nursing. Hence every year 12th May is celebrated as Nursing day in memory of her.

Do you know, in the last 1 year while saving us from COVID, 2710 nurses from 59 countries have sacrificed their life. Around 80% of nurses suffered from mental distress while working in this pandemic.

All nurses are the voice of healthcare, they are the future of healthcare. Can you imagine hospitals without nurses??, No right? 

When we all worked from home, only front-line workers were risking their lives until now they are doing for us. Nurses are an important part of front-line workers.

When you all are working on the machine, and postpone your work, if you are tired or busy in another work, but nurses can’t do that, because they are working with human life. 

Nursing is the more responsible as well as a noble profession. When we are all tired of using only masks in the pandemic, they are using a PPE kit for the whole day, risking their life only to save the entire world.

This year’s theme for nurse’s day is “Nurses: A voice to lead a vision for future health care.”

Taking steps for the innovation in nursing, which will be helpful for future health care as well as nurses too.

Let’s give some tribute and love to all the nurses. Just say “Thank you” with a beautiful smile on your face and rejuvenate their energy to work more.

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