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Restore Our Earth

22nd April is celebrated as World Earth Day every year since 1970. 

Earth is our mother nature, which is giving a lot to us. And this is our responsibility to give something to our mother nature back.

“Restore our Earth” is the theme of 2021, why is it so?

We have natural water resources, trees, hills, the sea and lots of beautiful things given for free by our nature.

But what we do to this, we do deforestation, close the water resources, and started construction over the place.

Throwing garbage and litter on the seashores, beaches, rivers, hills. Air is more polluted due to the vehicles and factories. We messed up all the things.

All these things lead to global warming.

Due to the lockdown in 2020, the initial 3 months reported less pollution and made the highest record of kitchen gardening and plantation at home.

This year’s theme is that we have to show gratitude to mother earth and give something back to her.

How can we do that?

  1. Climate and environmental literacy – We have to educate people, spread awareness about the environment, climate to the people. 

Need to teach them what are the things that affect the climate. It will help children to upgrade their thinking about the environment.

“Go Green” is one of the best examples of it.

  1. Reforestation – Lots of trees are destroyed by us, for various purposes. We have to plant more trees, around our buildings, and in the compound of the home.

If we will do this now and teach the young generation the importance of plantation it will be very helpful for their future.

Remember, if there are no trees, no rain, no water.

  1. Regenerative agriculture – After farming on the same land for a long, soils lose their biodiversity. 

But if we practice farming in such a way that it helps to reverse climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and leads to healthy soil capable of producing healthy food and equally helps to improve the land.

  1. Environmental Justice – It is everyone’s right to get healthy food, water, and air, no matter race and socio-economic status.

It helps the involvement of people in the development and implementation of regulation for a better nature.

Along with this, we can do many things daily, like save electricity whenever no need, try to implement solar energy as much as we can. Don’t waste water, close tap properly, save water directly from rain

Avoid unnecessary use of paper and go digital, wherever it is possible. Plant more trees.

Let’s make this earth day the best possible way to give our mother nature back in its possible way.

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