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10 Tips For Healthy Lifestyle Of Working Women

Life is getting busy nowadays.

We all are working hard for a productive life, but do you feel that you are compromising your health?

Often we say we don’t have enough time to take care of ourselves. But what if, we can make few changes in our daily routine and keep ourselves fit and fine.

Here are the few things that you can work out –

  1. Sitting a long time on the chair will strain your spine. Take a stroll in the office or corridor for few minutes, which will help you to get rid of post-lunch laziness.
  1. Don’t keep a water bottle on your desk, keep it in the cupboard or somewhere away from your desk. And go get water every after 1 hour to sip it.
  1. Use stairs instead of elevators. Climbing stairs helps to reduce your belly fat and increase the strength of thigh muscles.
  1. Walking is the best exercise that we all know, but due to busy schedules there is not enough time to walk, right?

So, while going to the office get down one stop prior to or after your destination and cover that distance with walking, isn’t it cool? 

  1. The evening is a crucial time to control our appetite. And we end up munching chips and unhealthy snacks.

Instead of carrying your fruits or nuts in the tiffin box and when you feel hungry in the evening, just munch that.

  1. Enroll in the favorite activities on weekends, like zoomba, power yoga, dance so you will be refreshed and fit too.
  1. Do the cutting, cleaning of vegetables on weekends. So there will be no time consumed during weekdays in doing all these things.
  1. Due to increase screen time, eyes get tired easily and we end up with burning and redness in the eyes. 

So take a break in between, close your eyes for few minutes.

  1. After sitting for long, and working on the laptop body gets stiff. Do some stretching while sitting on a chair. 

Stretch your legs forward, rotate your feet clockwise and anticlockwise for 5 minutes.

Do the same way for your hands too. Stretching helps to relax your muscles.

  1.  Avoid outside and junk food and prefer home-cooked food. 

Make few changes in your lifestyle and see you will feel more energies and super pumped up.

After all, we are the ones who take care of ourselves.

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