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Together For A Fairer, Healthier World

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Every year on 7th April, we celebrate World Health Day. And one theme release to improve and work out on that view.


Together we have to work for good health for the whole world. 

COVID 19 is spreading all over the world for 1 year, and leaving a bad impact on our lives and mind.

Due to COVID lots of businesses have shut down, people were unable to get proper medication. People are struggling with daily bread and butter.

When pandemic comes or diseases like HIV, cholera affects more on the low social economic region or special geographic region.

Along with the pandemic, mental health, female health is also a main concern.

Mental illness is not getting properly addressed due to social stigma, as well as women in rural places also not aware of proper menstrual hygiene and leads to cancer-like diseases.

People with low socioeconomic status are unable to afford expensive investigation and medicine.

Good food, good water, and good health are need of every individual inspite of age, gender, and economic status, it is a fundamental right of us.

The government health body will work on that, and make it affordable for everyone, and this is the vision of 2021.

The main focus for 2021 is to provide a safe and effective vaccine to every individual.

Local bodies have to take care of friendly neighborhoods. As people in remote places don’t have proper PHC (Public Health Care) which can address their health issues. Building PHC in an effective way to take care of people is the main motto of 2021. 

But as we are responsible citizens of our country, we will also have to take some steps for a healthier world. 

Keeping our environment healthy, don’t litter the public places, keep water bodies pure, don’t keep water storage open, eat and drink healthy food.

And now to evict this COVID will have to maintain social distancing, use masks, washing our hands frequently, these simple measures we can take, right??

Along with this consult physician for any unusual symptoms.

Let’s build a healthier world together!!!

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