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6 Symptoms of Auto-Immune Diseases

We hear Autoimmune term quite a lot of time nowadays.

What is exactly an Autoimmune disease?

When the immune mechanism of your body gets hampered in short, it doesn’t work properly, it is called to be an Autoimmune disease.

Immune systems work as a protection to your body from different viruses. But, when your immune system forgets its work and starts attacking your cells, you sufferer from Autoimmune disease.

There is no reason found for this. Females are more prone to get Autoimmune diseases more than men.

Some Autoimmune diseases are found more in particular ethnic groups, while some are in specific age groups, and some are hereditary.

What are the symptoms of Autoimmune disease?


*Persistent fever

*Muscle aches

*Joint pain

*Skin rash

*Hair loss

When you find these symptoms are frequent, consult your physician and specialist.

There are different tests available to diagnose Autoimmune diseases. ESR, CRP, and ANA are the few basic tests required initially.

Some of the Autoimmune diseases are – 

*Type I diabetes – In this type of diabetes, the pancreas produces little bit or no insulin.

*Rheumatoid Arthritis – manifested with joint pain and stiffness

*Systemic Lupus Erythematosus – this Autoimmune disease affect one or more organs

*Dermatomyositis – It affects your skin and muscles

*Multiple sclerosis – Nerves get damaged and fail to connect impulses from the brain and body

*Sjogren’s Syndrome – It associates with glands, and altered the function of the glands.

*Myasthenia gravis – In Multiple sclerosis, there is a failed connection between brain and body, here it is in the brain and muscles.

*Celiac disease – In this disease, the body reacts to gluten consumption

*Hashimoto – In this disease immune system attacks the thyroid gland and impair the hormonal level

How do you treat Autoimmune diseases?

Autoimmune disease is non-curable, but it can be in control.

Inflammation treated with NSAID (non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug) and analgesic. Along with disease-modifying medicine.

Healthy home-cooked food and exercise help to fight disease.

Take home message is 

As I always say “self-examination is the best key of early diagnosis”

No one can no better your body than you.

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