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What Is Cervical Cancer, Symptoms And Prevention

Cervical cancer is the second most common type of cancer after breast cancer.

Age of 30 to 59 is more prone to get risk.

The cervical is the lower part of the uterus. When abnormal cells grow in the cervical region it forms a tumor and turns into cancer.

It is caused by Human Papillomavirus that is HPV.

During the initial stage, there are no symptoms, however, at the later stage, vaginal bleeding after intercourse or in between two menstrual cycles or you can experience foul smell from vaginal discharge, in some cases, you can feel pelvic pain after intercourse.

Cervical cancer of two types –

  1. Squamous cell carcinoma – It is the cancer of thin cells on the outer side of the cervix.
  1. Adenocarcinoma – It is the cancer of granular cells in the cervical canal.

Smoking, more sexual partners, and early sex are the risk factors for cervical cancer.

Lower immunity also contributes a measure role in this.

PAP smear helps to detect cervical cancer. After the age of 40, a yearly PAP smear test is necessary to rule out the early stage of cancer.

For the prevention of cervical cancer, consult your doctor for the HPV vaccine. Practice safe sex.

Take home message is

Self-examination is key to early diagnosis. Observe your body for any unusual changes and do consult your physician for the same.

Health is your priority. Investing in your health now, returns will be great in the future.

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