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Self Care Hacks For Women After 40

It is said that 40 is the age where your body starts inviting different health issues.

I don’t think so, if you are taking care of your health in a proper manner, no disease will touch you.

Let’s see what are the different problems you can face after 40, and how you can avoid them.

  1. Joint pain – Joint pain is the common problem most women experience after 40.

Low calcium and vitamin D3 cause joint pain, which may lead to Osteoarthritis or Osteoporosis.

Drink 1 glass of milk daily. Keep your diet calcium-rich. Half-hour exposure to early morning sun rays, which is the richest source of Vitamin D3.

  1. Hot Flushes – 40 is the age, where you start experiencing the pre-menopausal syndrome.

Excessive sweating, hot feeling inside the body is the most common premenopausal syndrome due to change in hormone level.

Increase liquid intake. Do meditation and yoga, go for a walk. Keep yourself busy with some or other things.

  1. Diabetes and Hypertension – Stress level is increased in this age, due to more responsibilities about family or managing increased financial burden due to higher education of children or their marriage.

Remember health is your priority. Don’t take too much stress. Try to work only as much as you can. 

Daily brisk walk about 30 minutes and diet control helps you to keep away from Diabetes and Hypertension.

Keep an eye on your sugar level yearly.

  1. Unwanted pregnancy – Most of the women ignore precaution and avoid birth control measures after 40. 

Efficacy may be low but there are chances of getting pregnant. 

So, don’t avoid birth control measures at this age too.

  1. CancerBreast cancer and cervical cancer are mostly detected between the age of 40- 50.

Keep checking for any lumps in the breast or any abnormal fluid discharge from the vagina.

Do have mammography and PAP smear tests done every year after 40.

  1. Gastric issue – Digestion capacity of the intestine and stomach starts decreasing after the age of 45.

Eat small, frequent meals. Drink at least 2-3 liter of water daily.

Avoid oily, spicy, and junk food. Eat home-cooked food.

  1. Urinary problem – Increased size of the uterus during pregnancy, causes pressure on the bladder. 

Due to multiple pregnancies, muscles around the uterus and bladder lose their strength. 

Which leads to incontinence of urine.

Lower abdomen exercise and bladder exercise helps to increase the muscle strength of the bladder.

  1. Depression – Due to health illness of self or spouse, or maybe the death of spouse or arrival of new members in the family, stress level increases, which may lead to depression or other mental illness.

Avoid overthinking. Start involving your free time in your favorite activity.

Meditation, walk, and yoga is always preferable.

  1. Financial problem – Most women or people start investing in their home after this age, thinking their children will do some financial support.

All things do not happen as we think, right???

Don’t depend on anyone. 

Start investing in your future once you start earning. Don’t wait for a specific time or age.

Take home message is – 

  1. Health is your priority.
  2. Start investing in your health and wealth when you are young.
  3. Daily walking, exercising, or doing yoga help you from several illnesses.
  4. Keep control of your diet.
  5. Do check your blood sugar and blood pressure once or twice a year.
  6. Mammography and PAP smear are mandatory every year.
  7. Don’t overthink.
  8. Don’t depend on anyone.
  9. Stay happy always.

Do let me know if this blog is helpful for you?

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