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Why Menstrual Education Is Important?

Regular menses are key to know that you are a healthy woman.

Menses or periods come between every 28-32 days. It varies from woman to woman. Some may have less than 28 days cycle or some may have more than 32 days cycle.

Menses start at the age of 10 – 12 years and stop anywhere between 45-50 years.

Why does menstruation happen?

It indicates that your body is ready to give birth to a child. 

Why is menstrual education important?

We learn about different technologies, smartphones, computers, and many more things, why???

To know how it functions, how we can easily handle it.

In school, we are taught about the respiratory system, circular system, digestive system in detail, but when it comes to the reproductive system or menstruation, it is not taught in that detail, or social taboo about menstruation stops us from spreading awareness about it. Why so?? Why is menstruation taboo in our society?

For ages menstruation is kept a secret topic, so we can’t talk with anyone or can’t talk loudly about it. 

I remember, during my childhood when television broadcasts advertised sanitary napkins every female in the house turned their heads down. 

As a female, if we don’t talk about it, then who will talk?? Who will teach that tiny girl about menses??

Due to a lack of knowledge about menstruation and its hygiene, cervical cancer cases are increasing day by day.

You know, around 60,000 cases of cervical cancer deaths are reported every year from India, and two-thirds of it is due to poor menstrual hygiene.

In a survey, it was found that almost 84% of girls were surprised when they got their first menses.

In rural parts of India, more than 23% of girls drop school due to menstruation.

Why is this happening? 

As we are not talking about it, we are not sharing our experience with fellow females, that may be your daughter, sister, friend, or colleague.

When these young girls are not aware of menses, how will they take care of themselves? 

They start finding sources of information in different ways, but as we all know, half knowledge is always dangerous. So they need proper guidance to answer all questions about menstruation.

Which helps them to take periods in a positive way, maintain proper hygiene and keep them away from disease due to poor hygiene during menses.

As a mother, you can talk with your daughter. If not, I am here to help you, I will educate your daughter about menstruation or if you stuck somewhere in between while educating your daughter, I am a message away. 

But please educate every female about menstruation. Let this future generation have taboo-free menses.

What is the best gift a woman can give to another woman on the occasion of Women’s day?

Let this Women’s day be more powerful and give us more strength to spread awareness about menses.

If you have any queries about it feel free to reach out to me, I am more than happy to spread knowledge about menstruation.

You can DM me on

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