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7 Myths About COVID 19 Vaccine

The year 2020, was a nightmare for all of us. Everyone is having memories about it, to share with the future generations.

No one has to think like this in their wildest dream, that the whole year we all wasted sitting at home. Just watching the news. (I have extended my limit of watching the news in that 6 months)

The first COVID patient was found in China by the end of 2019 and gradually it spread all over the world. It seems like the whole world had stopped at that point. 

All were quarantined (this is the most used word in 2020) at their homes. No contact with the person next door too. Maybe to teach us that family is the most important thing in our life.

Initially, we enjoyed the vacation, thinking this will end in a month or two. But the cases were increasing day by day and here we started losing our minds. 

We eagerly waited for 2020 to finish early and 2021 will bring us new hopes, with the vaccine.

Here we go!!! Scientists all over the world did their job and found a vaccine to save us, to save this world.

But when vaccines came to us, what did we start doing?? Spreading myths….stopping ourselves and others from taking the vaccine, why so???

Like COVID, myths about the vaccine also spread rapidly. Let’s talk about the myths and truth about the COVID vaccine.

Myth 1. COVID vaccine is not effective, as it is created in an emergency.

Ans. Looking at the spreading of COVID cases, it was created on an emergency basis. Fundraising and administrative procedure was done at a super-fast speed, but there is no compromise done in research and testing of efficacy. All the SOPs were maintained and followed.

Myth 2. COVID vaccine gives long term side effects.

Ans. No, every drug has some kind of side effect, which doesn’t occur in everyone. 

Fever, body ache, pain at the site of the injection is part of the vaccination. If you remember, when we give vaccines to the kids (immunization schedule) that time also fever comes, so it’s a part of the vaccination.

It shows that the vaccine started its effect and is ready to prepare antibodies.

Myth 3. After vaccination, you will get a COVID infection.

Ans. No, no, not at all. 

It’s not a live vaccine, hence COVID virus is not present in it. So, there are no chances to get infected with COVID.

Myth 4. I have already been affected with COVID 19, so I don’t need to take the vaccine?

Ans. It’s completely wrong. The vaccine will give you more immunity than an actual virus infection. 

Myth 5. COVID vaccine will alter your DNA.

Ans. COVID vaccine contains mRNA that is messenger RNA. After entering the body mRNA gives a message to the cells to increase protein level to protect against the virus

But mRNA doesn’t enter into the cell of a nucleus, so there is no chance to alter your DNA.

Myth 6. People with comorbidity are not supposed to take the COVID vaccine.

Ans. No, not at all. 

People with an underlying condition like diabetes, hypertension, and aged people are more prone to get an infection, hence they must be vaccinated on a priority basis.

Myth 7. After vaccination, there is no requirement of wearing a mask or maintaining social distance.

Ans. Till almost all people get vaccinated, will have to take precautions. You have to wear a mask, frequent hand wash and social distance has to be maintained.

COVID 19 vaccine is given in 2 doses, there is a gap of 28 days after the first dose of vaccine. 2 weeks after the second dose antibodies get developed completely. 

Please consult your physician before taking the vaccine, if you have a history of any allergies, and also after vaccination if you notice any abnormal changes.

Taking vaccination is your own decision, but think twice before refusing the vaccine.

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