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Lovely Weekend At Aroha Srushti AgriTourism

Taking holiday is necessary to freshen up your mind and relaxation from the buzz of daily work stress. 

I love traveling and I go for picnics at least once or twice a year. But the whole year 2020 went without a single picnic. I was feeling very nostalgic and as soon as the lockdown released and the pandemic started coming in control I planned for a trip with my family and friends..

My daughter’s birthday was near, and we decided to arrange our picnic on the same day and will surprise her.

After searching for lots of destinations, my friend Rohan found a place through Facebook and he suggested it to me. I searched for that place on google, read reviews, and finalized that place after confirming with my friends and family.

Aroha Srushti AgriTourism is a beautiful place in nature’s lap and quite far from the crowded metro city.

The place is surrounded by sugarcane farms all around. Rooms are built with bamboos. Different architecture attracts your mind in one look. Traditional rooms with few modern amenities.

We reached around 5.30 in the evening, and the staff welcomed us and greeted us first with sanitizer and after that with hot tea and hot Kanda bhajji (onion pakora). Kanda bhajji and tea…..lovely equation, they won our heart over there.

We went to our rooms, freshen up, and took a round of the place, of course with lots of selfies and snaps. The evening was more delightful with yummy barbeque.

We planned a surprise for Saisha (my daughter). As promised, Rahul did all the beautiful decorations with balloons in the special place. We celebrated her birthday there followed by dinner.

Cool nights become most memorable with open sky, twinkling stars, bonfire and old Bollywood songs, and lots of chit-chatting.

Early in the morning we (myself, Arpita, and Reshma) took a walk around nearby farms and planned to buy a place there in the future and do farming and escape from our 9 – 5.

But really, walking in the chilled morning with greenery around and with the best friends of your life…is the coolest thing in life, isn’t it? I would love to have mornings like this.

After returning from the walk we enjoyed our breakfast and the most amazing part of the picnic started. 

They had arranged a tractor ride. This was my first experience of a tractor ride and was so amazing. The tractor was making its way through a small place surrounded by farms. Our ride finished at the riverside.

Mats were placed within a few distances for every group on the bank of the river. Then the bullock cart came and we enjoyed that ride too. 

Then our turn was for boating and river rafting. Boating was for a group of 6 people, we enjoyed it turn by turn. Calm river, strong sun, greenery all around, and a cool breeze was soothing my mind. The surroundings were so pleasant, I stored that in my eyes. 

For river rafting, Arpita and I shared one boat, as I am a non-swimmer and she is a swimmer (human mind …wants to prepare for all the unwanted things). We drove the boat here and there but quite good and dashed twice with the family boat. But the good thing is that the attendant was following us and was guiding us. The first-ever experience of river rafting and I loved it.

Then we enjoyed a farm treat. Most of you have seen that on my IG story. A big plate full of organic jaggery, sugarcane, boiled corn, guava, hurda, and different types of chutneys. One of my wishes for the riverside treat is fulfilled by these amazing people.

We enjoyed swimming in the pool for some time and then played cricket (after a long time) and again with a tractor ride, we returned to the resort. Enjoyed pure Maharashtrian meal and winded up for the beautiful journey.

I loved the place, atmosphere, cleanliness, and supportive staff. All the things are well organized and well maintained. The food was delicious. 

If you are from Mumbai or Pune, you must visit this place. It’s a bit far from Mumbai. But away from all the chaos of the city. You will feel relaxed and fresh. 

When you plan for any picnic just try to search for a place amidst nature. It’s a superb feeling to spend your day with your people and the beautiful nature.

One more thing, this blog is not sponsored. This is my experience which I want to share with you as we are a family.

If you want to know more about this place or my other tours, do let me know, I would love to share with you.

Loads of love. Stay healthy, stay safe.

3 thoughts on “Lovely Weekend At Aroha Srushti AgriTourism”

  1. Very well described, the place is run keeping in mind the one day relaxing with family and friends.
    You have narrated it properly and what you experienced.

  2. Very well described, the place is run keeping in mind the one day relaxing with family and friends.
    You have narrated it properly and what you experienced.

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