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6 Reasons Why Reading Is A Good Habit

Hey guys, hope you are doing well.

We all are now social media addicted nowadays, nothing is bad about it. But are we keeping books behind?

Books are really good storage of knowledge. 

From paper to now digital, technology is changing and thus the books. Some love the touch of paper and smell of new books and some love e-books, easy to handle and environmentally safe. 

Books may be of any kind, paperback or digital, reading is necessary.

Benefits Of Reading – 

  1. Improves Patience – In this digital era, today’s generation needs all the things on the instance. Reading books helps to be patient and calm.
  1. Improves Concentration – Reading books helps you to improve your concentration and helps you to be focused.
  1. Empathy – Nowadays due to nuclear families, children are unable to understand the emotions of other people, as parents are away from the home for the whole day due to their work and children are alone at home.

Reading books will introduce you to different characters and help you to understand their feelings and emotions.

  1. Introduction to a different world – You are staying at one place but the narration of the story is from another corner of the world, which will introduce you to that place and helps to add information to your knowledge.
  1. Increase Vocabulary – Of Course reading books add different, new words to your vocabulary.
  1. Mental health – When you are alone, different thoughts enter your mind. But if you are reading in that free time, it helps you to keep your brain active.

Research says that reading books helps to overcome depression and diseases of the brain like Alzheimer’s.

So, start reading books and improve your knowledge and health.

Loads of love. Stay healthy, stay safe.

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