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7 Questions That Troubles Every Mother

Hey guys, hope you are doing well!!!

In last week’s blog, we discussed how to deal with children’s picky habits. And I got a few responses. “Yes, we will try this method, but what about food? What food do we have to include? Kids are asking for junk food, what is the option for that?”

So, I thought I will give answers to all of your questions today.

Q. What is must needed food for children?

Ans. Protein and calcium are the most needed things for them in this growing age.

So, milk and eggs are needed food for them.

Q. My child doesn’t like milk, what to do?

Ans. You can give a milkshake, children love that. 

Or instead of milk, you can give milk products like paneer, curd, buttermilk, cheese.

Q. I restricted junk food in my house, but if guests come, they bring it and I can’t do anything in this situation.

Ans. Yes, we can’t do anything in this situation. 

But don’t completely restrict packed food at home. Otherwise, your child starts outsourcing it.  Let your child enjoy it once in a while.

Q. My child loves to eat sweets, but lots of sugar is not good for health, any alternative?

Ans. Children tend to love sweets. 

You can replace sugar with jaggery. It is iron-rich, which helps to grow the hemoglobin level in the body. Instead of milk chocolate you can give dark chocolate.

Q. Any alternative for pizza, burgers?

Ans. This is too yummy food, everyone loves to have it, how can these small kiddos restrict themselves?

Instead of refined flour bread, you can use multigrain bread for pizza and burgers and try to make it at home if possible.

Q. What about cold drinks?

Ans. Cold drinks are not good for health at all. It contains a large amount of sugar.

Instead, you can offer homemade fruit juices to children without adding Sugar.

Q. Evening time is a crucial time, children feel hungry. And, they pop up things which they find at home.

Ans. Yes, evening hunger is uncontrollable. 

You can include soup or fruits, dry fruits,  popcorns, bhel, sprout chat, healthy Franky in your evening snacks diaries. Just keep in mind one thing, if your child is too young, don’t give popcorn or the things which can lead to choking.

Do try this and if you have any queries or questions comment down or DM me.

Loads of love. Stay healthy, stay safe.

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