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9 Tips To Deal With Children Eating Habits

Hello, lovely mommies!!!

I know as a mother one question troubles you daily, “What should I prepare today, so my child will enjoy eating it?”

Children are always fussy about their eating. They stuck with a particular food or till the age of 2-3 years they enjoy only milk and juices.

Here are a few ways to tackle the picky eating habits of your child.

  1. One Meal For All – Almost all families make separate food for children. Don’t do that. Always prepare the same meal for the entire family including the child.

            Do not show dislikes about any food. Children will copy you and they also start to dislike the food.

  1. Keep One Familiar Food In Spare – While introducing new food to a child, always remember to prepare one familiar food when the child is ready.

So, if your child doesn’t like the new food he/she won’t starve.

  1. Don’t Bribe For Food – Most of the time we offer some food like sweets or ice cream instead of a meal.

This bribe makes a habit for them and they start showing tantrums every time.

  1. The Stock Of The Food – Keep healthy food in stock. Instead of keeping chips and biscuits, keep fruits, dry fruits, and healthy snacks in the stock.

So that when children feel hungry they have to eat healthy food, as no other option is available for them.

Though junk food is not good for health, let your child enjoy it once in a while, as deprive them totally of junk food will create an eagerness for them and they try to get it.

  1. New Food – If in the first attempt, the child avoids the new food, keep trying that new food at least 10 times, with a few days interval.
  1. Change The Spices – Try different spices every time, or else the child will be bored with the same taste.
  1. Clean Plate – Don’t force a child to finish all food from the plate. If he/she is already full of eating and you force them, it creates a negative on them and they start to avoid eating.

Instead, give a small amount of food and tell them to ask once finished, so that the food doesn’t waste and the child will also enjoy the food.

  1. Calm And Pleasant Environment – While eating try to eat together. Avoid tv or mobiles. Don’t talk about negative topics or don’t create any arguments. 

Let eating time be family time. Remember family which eats together stays together.

  1. CareGivers – Last but crucial thing is, nowadays both parents are working and we handover children to caregivers.

Caregivers cultivate healthy food habits for children, but back in their mind they develop some fear and negativity about that food and they avoid eating that food.

Remembering bad memories with any food or place creates negative feedback on our mind about that particular thing.

Conclusion – Try these methods, but if you noticed after doing so much attempt if your child remains picky or there is no growth, no weight, and height gain, or fall sick frequently, consult the pediatrician.

Do try this and let me know if there is any improvement or if you have any other tips feel free to share with me.

Loads of love. Stay healthy, stay safe.

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