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5 Things We Learnt In 2020

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Hey guys, hope you are enjoying the Christmas holidays.

We are at the end of 2020. This year was a mix-up of everything. All of us went through a different experience. For almost 6 months we were completely locked down and still, it continues in many places. But we also learned a lot from this year.

HEALTH – In our daily busy schedule, we ignore our health. And prioritize only our work. 2020 gave us a clear view, that Health is real wealth and if you invest in your health now, then only returns are enormous in the future.

We learned lots of exercises, yoga, and all different forms of exercise from our family members or YouTube or different social media.

FAMILY – The one who supports us a lot, stays firm with us and gives valuable support to us. Due to long working hours, we are unable to give quality time to the family.

But this year gave us a lot of time to spend with our family. We played lots of games together, which we used to play in our childhood. Enjoying different recipes together, lots of chit-chatting and old memories came out with the help of old albums from the corners of the cupboard.

ME TIME – While working for office and family, we forget ourselves. 

But during this lockdown, we spent some of our free time on our hobbies and passion. Old sketchbook came out, we started drawing, reading, dancing, and other activities we used to do in our childhood and forgot about it in our busy schedule.

NATURE – Nature is the best in its way. We all were at home completely for 3 months, and pollution reduced, birds started flying happily, impurity cleared from the river and sea, fish can swim freely. Beaches and roads were clean.

We have to keep our land clean. Every living thing gets a pure environment.

NOTHING IS PERMANENT – We spend our lives running behind wealth and glory. But, nothing is permanent. This year we all came in one category that is – WANT TO LIVE, isn’t it? 

We tried to take care of ourselves and our family. We forget about status, what work we are doing. We did all home chores and other work together, we lived for ourselves.

Take home message is 

This is my perspective to see towards this year, of course, yours may be different. But we have to find out some positive things from the negative and that is the way to live a happy life. 

This year is special for me as I found my lost passion for writing. I started my blog, I published my book. I learned a lot from this year and also gained lovely readers and followers like you. Our Mansi’s Word family is growing day by day and am happy about it.

What about you? How did this year go for you?  Share your views, I love to hear from you. Comments below or email me or DM me on Instagram.

Now will meet next year, enjoy your holidays. Welcome 2021 with great enthusiasm.

Loads of love. Stay healthy, stay safe.

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