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What Is Best?? Sanitary Napkins Vs Tampons Vs Menstrual Cups

Hey guys, hope you are doing well.

These days lots of questions are coming out about the use of the Menstrual cup.

 Is the menstrual cup safe?

 What is better? Sanitary napkins or tampons or menstrual cups?

 How to use menstrual cups?

 Hold on….hold on. I am going to answer all your questions.

 So, we will see what all these products are and how safe they are.

 SANITARY NAPKINS – like all of us know it is cotton and plastic made with glue on one side. 80% of females use this, as it is super easy to use and easily available. Need to change it every 4-6 hours.

 It may be laced with dioxins, petrochemicals, and fragrances. When these chemicals come in contact with sensitive skin, tissues may get irritated and cause infection. Dioxins are carcinogenic; hence the risk of cancer increases even at very low levels of exposure.

 Polymers in sanitary pads are non-biodegradable material, so it is not eco friendly.

TAMPONS – a small cotton ball that can easily fit in the vagina. 16% of females use this. Mostly used by athletics and swimmers. It works for almost 6-7 hours.

 Tampon has a tendency to absorb all the secretion from the vagina, so with blood, it can absorb moisture also. Can cause infection, against the wall on the vagina. 

Tampons are made of cotton, rayon, polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, and fiber finishes. Aside from the cotton, rayon, and fiber finishes, these materials are not biodegradable.

MENSTRUAL CUPS – It’s a cup-shaped silicon material. Around 4% of females use this. As it is not familiar with lots of females. Blood collects in the cup. It comes in 2 types – one is a vaginal cup and a cervical cup.

The vaginal cup is small in size – bell-shaped, however, the cervical cup is a bit longer. It goes somewhere up to 4-12 hours. It is eco-friendly and reusable. One can use it for up to years.

Can cause infection if not sanitized properly. 

These table comparisons will help you better to understand 

VAGINAL SAFEYes, as doesn’t come in contact with vaginal floraNo, can cause internal rashesNo, can cause internal rashes
REUSABLENoNoYes, up to years
CAPACITYAround 4-6 hoursAround 6-7 hoursBetter than napkins and tampon
LEAKAGEHigh chancesLow chancesMinimal
ECO FRIENDLYNoNo. Only organics are eco friendlyYes

To sum up all this I would say you can see what is your comfort and you can use that.

But as per health and environmental concerns, MENSTRUAL CUPS are far better.

I am taking your leave now. If you have any queries or any suggestions, or you want me to write on any specific topic, do let me know. Please comment below or you can drop me an email or DM me on Instagram.

Loads of love. Stay healthy, stay safe.

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