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How To Deal With Today’s Kids

Hey guys, hope you are doing well.

‘These children are very smart. At our time we were not like this, we didn’t ask anything to our parents or didn’t give back answers to them’. We heard this sentence in every second house. Now due to lockdown and virtual lectures children are at home only. And parents have to handle their tantrum and all the masti.

This generation is quite smart, of course, every next generation is smarter than the previous, but now due to more exposure to social media and electronic gadgets this generation is getting smart day by day. It’s not their fault they have to move with the flow, but as parents, we have to supervise them that, they did not drown away. 

From time to time we have to explain to them about the consequences of everything. We always complain that these children ask lots of questions, of course, they do and we have to clear all their doubts. I agree due to our busy life we are tired and not able to give them answers, but ensure them we will get back to you with this answer.

Due to working parents, children become lonely so they try to vent out with their friends, they try to spend most of their time on mobiles or laptops. Give quality time to them, at least on weekends. Play with them, go out for a walk, movie, gardens or in the play area. 

Take out at least a few minutes daily and ask them about their day, their friends as well share your experience with them.

We try to fulfill every wish of them. Some parents think we will give all the things to them which we didn’t get in our childhood. Of course, as a parent, we have to fulfill their wishes, but not all and not instant. We have to give some time to their demand and see if it all requires. 

Be friendly with your kids but at the same time, they have to respect you. Maintain the fine line between friendly parents and responsible parents.

Now it’s time to take your leave. Will meet next week with a new interesting topic.

Loads of love. Stay healthy, stay safe

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