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Measures For Prevention And Early Diagnosis Of Breast Cancer

Hey guys, hope you are doing well. We are almost at the end of October. Winter has started and the climate has become romantic. This pink month is also known for BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH.

When the cells grow abnormally, they form cancer. Almost 30% of cancers are found to be breast cancer. Females after the age of 40 are prone to get breast cancer. Women drinking more alcohol and smoking frequently are at high risk. In research it was found – women who drink one alcohol daily are 7-10% prone to get breast cancer compared to non-drinker. Women who eat a high-fat diet, overweight, less physical activity, and women after menopause are likely to get this cancer. Also, women who bear a child after the age of 30 and avoid breastfeed are at a high risk of getting this cancer. Frequent exposure to radiation like CT scans and X-rays raises the chances of developing cancer. Women using oral contraceptive or IUD (Intrauterine device) are slightly high risk. Women with breast implants are also a slight risk.

As I always say, proper diagnosis is the key to better treatment. We need to be familiar with signs of it. We have to examine ourselves at least once a month for any lump in the breasts, collar bone, or axilla. Is there any change in the skin texture, pain in breasts or nipples, fluid discharge from breast other than milk, change in the size of breasts and nipples, the nipple can be inverted. If we noticed any of this sign, we need to consult a doctor.

There are lots of myths about breast cancer like it is hereditary, a lump in the breast means 100% cancer, mammography spreads breast cancer, and breast cancer is contagious. NO, NOT AT ALL…. it is not contagious, every lymph node is not cancer, though you have to investigate for it. Mammography helps for early diagnosis, not spread, and only 10% of people having cancer have a family history of it.

So, what we can do to prevent it? Eat a healthy diet, avoid junk food, do any form of exercise, do breastfeed at least for a year, don’t over drink alcohol or smoke.

Most importantly, all women should be familiar with how breasts look and feel normally and report to the doctor in case of any change in it.

Keep the SMALL thing in mind – yes SMALL


MMammography after the age of 40

AAvoid alcohol

LLumps should not be ignored

L Let take early assist from a doctor

Hope we all remember this SMALL thing in our life.

Loads of love. Stay healthy, stay safe.

3 thoughts on “Measures For Prevention And Early Diagnosis Of Breast Cancer”

  1. Very well informed madam you, many women ignore this in today’s fast paced age or because of busyness in work, but the time will have passed when the effect arises later … but everyone will benefit from the wise advice or information you have given, , Thank you very much for that ..

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