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Why Always We? Why Always Female?

Hey guys, hope you are doing well. But I am not well this time. I mean physically fit but mentally disturbed due to lots of news about rape we are hearing for a week. 

What has happened to our country? We have a strong history of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The way he has given respect to every lady, she is known or unknown, that doesn’t matter for him. Every female was a mother figure to him and what we are doing right now.

Is there any fault being beautiful? Being bold? Being smart? If she refuses your love proposal, grab her rape her, throw acid on her. If she loves anyone other than you, rape her, abuse her. If she is successful than you, rape her, kill her. Is this a way???? What happens to you when your opposite gender grabs more success than you? Does your male ego hurt?? And then you will show this cowardly act? Hey, brothers learn to hear NO. Learn to accept failure. Learn to appreciate females. 

Some foolish people blame our clothes. The reason for being raped is her clothes, they think. Really? Who are you to tell us what we have to wear? If due to clothes our sisters get raped. Then let me remind you of something. Why do an 83 years old lady get raped? Why does that 3 years old baby get raped? She doesn’t know what to wear and how to wear it? Our clothes are not small, your sick mind is small – tiny.

When I return late, my mother calls me frequently, she becomes tense. Same about me, when my daughter is not with me, frequent thought about her safety comes in my mind. And I know every mother thinks in this way. As she knows her daughter is not safe. Are we independent? When girls in our country can walk without fear late at night also, that time will get real independence. 

People are saying save girls. Of Course, save girls but teach your son to respect every female, no matter her age, look, status. Every girl has to get the same respect. If needed slap him, but teach him, alone a girl, is not a chance to abuse her. It is a chance to protect her, show humanity. Be a Jijau, who taught Shivaji Maharaj to respect every female. 

Only candle marches will not work. We all have to come together and teach a lesson to these cruel, lusty people. Government has to take serious action against it and the law has to be strict, so no one can come forward and do this again to any girl.

I know today’s words may be harsh but it was bursting in my mind, and I think every one of you is also thinking the same. Hope so this mentality of these people will change and we all be truly independent.

Hey, girls lots of power to us. Be safe.

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