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Online – Offline

Hey guys, hope you are doing well. We all are dependent on mobile and gadgets. Right now we do almost everything online, from shopping for clothes to groceries, vegetables. And online dating also. Everything has a certain limit. If we go beyond that it will be poisonous to us. 

Mobile and social media are of course useful. One knife we use to cut fruits and that knife is also used by the murderer to kill someone, so its depends on us, how we use it.

We were avoiding screen contact with children until a few months back but that screen has helped to take their studies in this lockdown period. 

Some people have so much addiction to mobile, they check their mobile every minute, does it ring or not it doesn’t matter for them. We all know how many people are addicted to games like PUBG, they forget about the social life and always bow down to their mobile. 

Continuous use of mobiles or laptops gives stress to the eyes. Radiation and vibration from mobile are harmful to us. continuing peeping into mobile or laptop leads to neck pain and back pain. Fingers hurt or gets numb after using mobile frequently. As we try to do a detox of our body, mental detoxification is also necessary by completely switching off from mobile and computers for at least a day in a month and see how much change you will find in yourself.

No doubt, we are connecting with people through mobiles. Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram has brought the world closer to us. But what about the people around us? We are so much in the virtual world, that we forget people are living around us, under one roof.

Being updated for everything is good. But give some quality time to your family also. Keep the mobile aside and talk with your family members, have dinner together, share your daily experience with them. 

Instead of messaging friends, go and meet them, talk face to face, give hugs, and see how rejuvenated you feel. 

The online world is useful but don’t forget the offline world.

Loads of love. Stay healthy, stay safe.

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