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Love For Food Will Never End

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Hey guys, what will you choose: food or book? I face this question frequently. And my answer is I choose both food and books.

The people who know me, know that I am a foodie, and also a good cook. Love for the book and food will never end for me. I love trying different food and making it also. 

Mumbai’s street food is very popular and Vada Pav is the Shan of Mumbai. But, today, I would like to share some places in Mumbai where you will find tempting dishes, which I like the most. 

My most favourite dish is Cheese Chilli Toast from New York Cafe & Grill which is also known as NY Bar And Grill. This restaurant is at Charni Road. Yummy cheesy spicy toast will definitely melt your heart.

Mulund west Khau Galli is very famous, you can grab Masala Vada Pav, dosa, and other variety of food over there.

Kampa Chinese restaurant in Mulund East is one of my favorite restaurants. You can enjoy varieties of Chinese food over here. Sizzler, sizzling brownie, and fried ice cream are their specialties. Do try once and you will be in love with that.

If you want to try authentic Maharashtrian food from Konkan and Vidarbha, the best choice is Kath N Ghat restaurant in Thane. The Interior is also authentic. You will find the beauty of Maharashtra in it.

Now the last one is my all-time favourite restaurant Chulha Village, it is also in Thane. Maybe Thane is blessed with Annapurna.  Pleasant atmosphere, prompt service, and tasty food. There are different types of thali’s, vegetarian thali, non-vegetarian thali – in it chicken, mutton, seafood thali and an innovative option is the Chinese thali.

If you want to impress anyone, treat them with this delicious food after all the way to the heart goes through the stomach.

Do try these restaurants whenever you visit Mumbai and if you are Mumbaikar, visit once after we come out of this COVID issue.

Loads of love. Stay healthy, stay safe.

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